Liverpool Queen Victoria Penfold Pillar Box – Abercromby Square and Chatham Street – The final part of the tale


Today I finally met the original Queen Victoria Penfold Pillar Box who once again stands proud in Abercromby Square, Liverpool!


So as most of you know we love post boxes, our particular favourites that we travel the country to find are Edward 8th, my other love is Penfold Pillar Boxes from the Victorian era, usually around the mid 1880’s.

We were very shocked in July 2013 to visit Liverpool University and find that the original Penfold box was actually missing.  Through a bit of searching I found out on twitter that it had been involved in a road traffic accident!

When I was sent this photo on twitter my heart really did miss a beat.  When people remove curbs to make an area pedestrian friendly they really should ensure that any listed items such as Victorian pillar boxes aren’t then put in a dangerous position!

Liverpool Abercromby Square Penfold

I was in touch with the Principal Conservation Office of Liverpool City Council and through sending him this photo the missing pillar box was found on…

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