I started my blog in March 2012 and can’t believe how it has grown in that time. I’m so glad to know that I’m not just rambling to myself!

I’m a ‘Fab at Forty-ish’ trainee Domestic Goddess, wife of Mr C and mum to the Curly One.

I can’t promise to know what I’m doing but I’ll tell you about me and my world as the days go by!

Be prepared for lots of talk about cake and baking, post boxes, the odd bit of gardening and sparkling wine and lots of random things in between!!

I’m a Yorkshire Lass, an Otliensian now living in Pudsey and married to a Lancashire Lad who’s heart will always be at Gigg Lane in Bury.

March 2012 was a month for new beginnings as I also started organising Clandestine Cake Club events in Pudsey and West Leeds. There’s a tab on my blog if you’d like to see what we get up to. For more information on Clandestine Cake Club go to the website http://clandestinecakeclub.co.uk/groups/pudsey-west-leeds/ 

Update 2014…

I tried the WI but after two years didn’t go back as perhaps its not for me.
In March 2013 I helped my friend Julie to set up Sassy Divas, a new Women’s Group in Bramley, West Leeds. This is still going from strength to strength. I stepped down from helping organise Sassy Divas following a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia later that year. I’m still proud to be a Diva when I can get to meetings.

Since my Fibromyalgia diagnosis I’ve had to pass a lot of jobs at home to Mr C and life can be challenging but I still smile as much as I can! πŸ™‚ Simple tasks are no longer easy but I have amazing people in my life who will never let me give in!

I am a member of The Letter Box Study Group and English Heritage. I love all things post box related and love architecture

Charity Work – because I make cakes and do good deeds people are always asking me to plan events or help at events for their chosen charities.

I can’t help everyone and I have certain charities that I choose to support when I can.

Having my own disability doesn’t stop me helping others but it does stop me helping everyone.

Just baking a cake is a big thing for me physically and when you add up the cost of all the charity baking I do it is a big financial commitment too.

The charity I choose to support is:

Pudsey Live at Home
Before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I used to befriend for Pudsey Live at Home and I support their fayres and cake stalls throughout the year. They are a Charity who are very close to my heart.

Update March 2015…

After three years on a waiting list we’ve got an allotment plot. Thank heavens for Mr C and the Curly One who can do all the hard work, so far I’ve managed to sit on a chair watching their hard work. I’ve a feeling there’ll be many ‘Allotment’ blogs to come!

My GP has confirmed I’ve got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as Fibromyalgia. Life is hard going some days but I try not to waste my better days. Learning to pace myself is getting easier but it’s still frustrating that I can’t run around and do everything like I used to. Smiling and making other people smile is a good way to stay happy! πŸ™‚

January 2016…

I’m no longer working due to my health but am proud to Volunteer for Pudsey Live At Home. I sit and chat with members and we drink cups of tea, with some crochet or card making happening at craft group.

I’m still very proud to be involved with Clandestine a Cake Club thanks to the support from Mr C. Life would be so different if Mr Kite had never told me about this secret cake club website he’d discovered! 

My life has changed so much since March 2012… Almost 4 years… I’ve discovered blogging, CCC, learned to crochet, become addicted to wool and Bundt tins and we have an Allotment! Through CCC I’ve made some amazing friends. We’ve not been abroad, instead we’ve travelled around the UK following post boxes as well as great places to eat. My health has thrown a few spanners in the works but I try live each day to the full of my abilities. It’s all about being happy and being with people who inspire you!

Thank you so much for following my blog!

 Sharon x  


3 Comments Add yours

  1. glad to have found your blog, it’s gorgeous. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Sammie says:

    Hi Sharon, I had no idea you had fibromyalgia as well (& chronic fatigue syndrome). I understand just how difficult life can be, as I was diagnosed in 2014. You are a complete star on Twitter, I always see you smiling when I read your Tweets. Now, I know, that is not always the case. It is wonderful to ‘meet’ someone who has a positive outlook like you. I hope today is a better day for you. I will continue to admire your Bundt collection and will not treat you any differently. Sammie xxx

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi Sammie… Thank you, that brought tears to my eyes, I am a softie! People say I’m inspiring and positive, I don’t see it, im just trying to get through each day!
      Fibro really throws life upside down and back to front and I hope I’m coping now. I miss me, I still look like me in the mirror but I feel I’ve lost so much of who I was!
      How are you coping? My diagnosis was August 2013.
      I think Social Media is an escape sometimes, I can use it to make people aware of fibro/CFS but I can also be ‘me’ because it doesn’t zap my energy!
      I also love that you find great people on Twitter, real people, new friends, it’s not just a place for quick contact never to talk again as someone once said to me.
      Be happy, that’s the important thing.
      Take care of you and keep smiling, I’m here if you need me!
      Talk soon s x

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