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HumbugsHouse is a blog for people like me!

I love baking and run my local Clandestine Cake Club.

Food and eating out is a big part of my life so hope you enjoy all my food blogs, I love to tell the story of a meal in photos.

Mr C and I have a love of post boxes and I also like trains, crochet, crafts and enjoying life in general! I’ve always enjoyed pottering in my garden and we now have an allotment!

I have a strong media presence online and in local media especially from the cake club I run. You can find me on twitter, instagram and pinterest as well as my blog.

Review Requests If you would like me to review something please get in touch.  I love the excuse to review products, restaurants, books and especially baking ingredients.


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  1. Andrew Young says:

    Hello Sharon,

    We heard about you from the Yorkshire Evening Post article and your proejct to find EVIIIR letter boxes. We’d love you to come and join The Letter Box Study Group — we are the definitive authority on the British letter box. There’s more about us at

  2. Barry Smyth says:

    Hi Sharon.
    I’m a reporter and have seen your story in the Evening Post regarding the postboxes. I was keen to have a chat with you to find out a little bit more about your search. If you can could you email me or ring (0113 236 1842). Many thanks
    Barry Smyth

  3. John Eckerlsey says:

    I have just read the artical in THE PUDSEY TIMES re postboxes & I think that I may be able to help a little with your research. I have spoken to a friend who worked in the postoffice & he informed me that the Edward V111 box (which was oitside his parents sub postoffice at the end of Harrisons Avenue (ie swinnow postoffice) ) is now located at FOUNDRY MILL ROAD, SEACROFT. It was going to be put in the post office museum but didnt make it.
    Hope this helps you

    1. humbugshouse says:

      Hi John, thank you for your message. We’ve seen an EVIII postbox COLDCOATES AVENUE/FOUNDRY APPROACH, HAREHILLS but no note of one in Seacroft. Quite surprised to hear that the PO moved an EVIII, but we’ll check it out. It might be the one we’ve already found in Harehills as checking the map they locations are less than 2 miles apart.
      Thank you for taking the time to message me. Nice to know that other people are aware of the history all around us!

    2. humbugshouse says:

      Hi John, just to let you know we drove all around the Foundry Mill estate in Seacroft this morning. There are no EVIII post boxes. I think if this was the Swinnow post box EVIII it must be the one we’d already found on Coldcotes Avenue/Foundry Approach in Harehills. There’s some photos of this one on my blog. Thank you again for your comment.

  4. Harry Farrington says:

    There are some old post boxes at: penfold box junction of middleton ave & denton road Ilkley. Old box on telegraph pole at Drebley between Bolton Abbey & Burnsall.

  5. With regards to the Granary Restaurant.

    It’s really sad to read what you think about us here at Caring For Life. 98% of the feedback we receive is to commend us on our customer service; one customer saying it is probably the best in Leeds.

    Just because we were extremely busy our service should not have been compromised.

    If you can be persuaded to return you will see it was just a one off

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi Helen, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your time in respect of my blog post.
      This was actually the second time I’d visited Granary Restaurant. The first time was using a voucher for Afternoon Tea that I’d bought. The gentleman in the restaurant was off hand with my friend and I that day too. The reason we came back was to give the Granary Restaurant a second chance. Not being able to book a table made it hard on the day as I’m disabled and struggle to stand for long and the friend we’d brought with us was due to have a baby. My friend who’d come with me for the Afternoon Tea rang the day before and said the lady on the phone was quite short with her and didn’t want to know when she tried to book a table. While we were there the restaurant soon became less busy but yet we had to wait for menus, our food was left on the pass… I was sat facing the kitchen so this was very obvious.
      My two friends and I are food bloggers and run our local Clandestine Clandestine Clubs, we go to a lot of cafes and restaurants and especially enjoy writing about cake! We were all disappointed following this visit. I hate writing negative comments but I have to be honest about a venue!
      Food is nice at Granary Restaurant and the cakes are excellent but to me Customer Service is just as important and on this point your establishment has failed me twice.
      Regards, Sharon

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