Sticky Yorkshire Parkin

Sticky Yorkshire Parkin

It’s October and almost Halloween which means that Bonfire Night is just around the corner.  In Yorkshire that means it’s time for Sticky Parkin, Ginger Parkin and probably some good old fashioned bonfire toffee.

The recipe for Sticky Yorkshire Parkin that my mum and I have used since the 1970’s is divine.  It’s golden in colour and as the days go on it gets stickier and even more delicious.  But it has lard in it.  I did make it a couple of years ago and although it tasted as wonderful as ever… I couldn’t get past the fact there was lard in it as I put it in my mouth!

So to use lard or not use lard?  It isn’t really a question I want to think about, so what to use as the replacement?  All margarine or should I try half margarine and half trex?  I plumped for all margarine though I might try trex next time just to see what difference there is if any.

My Yorkshire Sticky Parkin Recipe

6 oz margarine

(original recipe wass 3 oz lard and 3 oz margerine)

1 lb golden syrup

8 oz oatmeal

8 oz plain flour

2 oz granulated sugar

1 tablespoon ginger

1 teaspoon bi-carb

1/2 pint boiling milk

I used a double quantity of margarine and left the lard on the supermarket shelf.


Melt the margarine and golden syrup together

Sift the dry ingredients together.

Mix the melted ingredients into the dry mix.

Sprinkle the bi-carb on top of the mixture and pour the boiling milk over the top.

Leave to stand for 5 minutes and then mix well together.

Pour into a large greased and lined tin.

Bake for 1-1 1/4 hours at 165 degrees.

Cool in the tin on a wire rack.

By pouring the boiling milk over the bi-carb this does some total magic and makes the surface of the parkin get stickier as the days go by.

Three days old… it is so hard not eating the Parkin but this is a scientific experiment to see how it matures.

The Sticky Yorkshire Parkin is exactly that, sticky on top.  It is light, fluffy and just melts in your mouth.  Has a gingery flavour and golden look to it.  Doesn’t crumble when eating.

So what is the best Parkin recipe?  I can’t possibly answer that but I do love this recipe and it always tastes good!

All I can say is enjoy baking and trying different recipes.  If you find a good recipe share it!


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