Meet Our Rhubarb

I don’t know if it’s part of being a Yorkshire Lass but I have always loved rhubarb. Even when it was soggy and stringy in the 70’s it tasted good, especially in a crumble!

Mr C didn’t like rhubarb til he met me! He had bad memories of it from the 70’s!

We now have seven crowns of rhubarb in our collection, two at home and five up at the allotment.

We’re lucky that some rhubarb has been donated to us by people we know, so up at the plot we’re the proud owners of Geoff, Joan, Sheila, Rhubarb and The Poulton Three!

I’m very excited about our three brand new crowns of Poulton Pride as it can be picked up to ten months of the year not needing the summer dormancy that rhubarb usually needs!
We’ve also gained a couple of raspberry canes that are now in our new rhubarb bed, this has always been known as The Meadow. My failed wildlife meadow now has a better use!

Lots of organic matter and some blood, fish and bones have been put around our rhubarb for the winter.


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