Digging In The Rain

So it feels more like April up on the allotment at the moment… cooler temperatures and rain… lots of rain. We even ate a picnic on the allotment in the rain with some friends at the weekend! But I’m not complaining because it’s proving to be good growing weather. 

Everything is suddenly going whoosh and growing higher and wider! Our first sunflower is in flower, we’ve got cabbages that look like cabbages, squash are starting to grow and firm corn cobs have appeared. Flowers are bringing in the bees and other insects and everything looks happy.

We dug up our Charlotte salad potatoes at the weekend… wow… Mr C’s face was a picture as he found more and more potatoes including the biggest potatoes we’ve ever grown! Not bad for a one metre square raised bed!

Our happy place!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Brenda Longfield says:

    Allotment is looking good. Perhaps your singing in the rain has made
    everything grow so well although we have had torrential rain today and it
    has flattened most of my garden! Oh Well there is always another year
    for my Garden. tk cr Luz u lots

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