Where There’s Muck…


This morning Mr C had been to the gym and the local stables before 9am! No he’s not started horse riding, he’d taken along some empty bags and a spade and filled six bags with free manure for the allotment! It’s now in our new composter to break down before we use it.

The wild garlic I received from a friend in Northern Ireland is now planted in the shade of this new composter and more bark laid to our paths on 4B.One of our original beds on 5B had broken on two corners so Mr C made a new bed. That bed’s now got chicken wire in place ready for dwarf French beans to grow up and seeds planted for Ferrari and Compass varieties. Can’t wait to see if my Ferraris are going to be red or black?! 😉Some Pak Choi seeds have been planted which is a new crop for us this year.

Mr C’s parents called to see how the plot was coming on and were amazed to see all the changes since they last visited.It had started raining as we arrived at the allotment late morning but the grey clouds eventually blew away to be a nice sunny afternoon, even the chilly wind calmed down as the day went on. A great bank holiday weekend with lots of jobs completed.


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