Not Many April Showers, Hope We’ll Have May Flowers!


It’s the last day of April 2017! April seems to have flown by. Most of our growing has been done at home. Seeds planted and seedlings grown that have been nurtured first on windowsills, then the dining table, followed by our little greenhouse and then the garden table.  Hopefully we’ll learn from past experience and not lose plants to frost, so good hardening off at home and we’re going to take our time with our squash, courgettes and pumpkins. 

Last week Mr C dug our final bed on 4B and that’s been filled with soil this weekend. We’ve got a wooden composter that Mr C has built today, we’re going to start collecting free manure from the local stables and let it break down here ready for use in autumn and spring. Net is covering our gooseberry bushes as last year they were eaten by very hungry caterpillars, hopefully we’ll get some fruit this year. We’ve also got net around our carrot bed to try stop carrot fly. Most of this year’s carrot seeds are resistance to the little blighters but half of what I’ve planted still need protection. We’ve carrot, parsnip, kale, spinach, perpetual spinach and chard seeds growing that were planted straight onto the allotment. Today we’ve sowed swede seeds direct into a bed at the allotment and planted some brassica plants that we’ve grown at home including sprouts, slimmer sprouting broccoli, cauliflowers, romanesco and cabbages. Fingers crossed for round cabbages and curds on our cauliflowers this year! Our fruit trees are full of blossom and we can see some pollinated pears and flower buds are appearing on our strawberries, raspberries and boysenberries.  All our potatoes are in and our onions, shallots and garlic are all growing very well above the ground, fingers crossed for big bulbs when harvest time comes. This weekend we’ve picked that last of our purple sprouting broccoli and the first of our rhubarb. 

Tomorrow I’m hoping to plant more seeds at home, pumpkins, French beans and Cosmos flowers and some Pak Choi seeds to go straight in at the allotment. 

This is or third growing season on 5B and our second season on 4B. How quickly our lives have changed in 25 months, gardening at our allotment has become a big part of our life, in a good way! Definitely our happy place! 


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