Spring Sunshine Up At 5B

Not many words needed today. We had glorious sunshine, blue skies and a red kite swirling on the thermals above our allotment. A lovely picnic lunch with my mum and Mr C on what was a very warm Mother’s Day in Pudsey.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli First Early Spuds InLook at all that pollen!

      My mum was weeding her usual bed. The new tete a tete daffodils around another fruit tree were my Mother’s Day present from my mum. She’s bought me some every year since The Curly One was born! 

This bed just wants bark on it. It has the two apple trees that Mr C and I hand grafted last year, compact raspberry bushes, lavender and spring bulbs.

Forget Me Nots I grew from seed last year.

The evil Mares Tail/Horse Tail weed is back! Not as much on 5B as in the past and none on 4B. We’ll keep treating it and pulling it later in the year, it’s a prehistoric plant and no chemical will completely kill it! 😦


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    What a lovely way to spend Mothers Day weeding my usual bed followed by a lovely lunch provided by Sharon and Craig. It was to be so nice to be able to plant the Tete a Tete Daffodil plants I had brought Sharon for Mothers Day around one of the Fruit Trees planted a couple of years ago just carn’t believe its 24 years since I started giving Sharon Tete a Tete Daffodil Plants to celebrate the birth of Sam. Lots of lovely memories over the years!

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