Oops I think I’m in the wrong bed!

When you’ve lovingly prepared a raised bed on your allotment, planted a bag of onion sets and covered it with net then sat down to have a coffee and the world is a happy place. Well it was until I went through the 2017 allotment plan on my phone with Mr C and realised I’d just planted the onions in the wrong bed! Onions re-planted and parsnip seeds now planted in the bed they had been in!Spring has definitely sprung up on our allotment! Daffodils breaking up the darkness of the soil with their bright golden trumpets! Buds on the fruit trees and bushes and sightings of other allotmenteers! We’ve hardly seen anyone else on our site over the winter so it’s good to see friendly faces and some newer faces on four other plots close to us.Today’s jobs at the allotment included weeding… there is so much weeding to do… planting garlic and onion sets, planting carrot and parsnip seeds. We’ve also put two more compact raspberry bushes in.

We’ve some lovely huge worms around our plot, good beasties… Mr C found a huge bright green caterpillar on purple sprouting broccoli, last I saw it was being thrown over the hedge toward to road! 

It’s still muddy and damp on our plot but the days are getting longer and brighter and the hawthorn hedge is starting to turn green. 

We’ve come home with allotment goodies… purple sprouting broccoli, curly kale, beetroot and leeks. 
Last week at home we planted peas, French beans, leeks and sweet peas. Yesterday at home we planted seeds inside and in the greenhouse… Lettuce, basil, coriander, cauliflower, cabbages, spinach, summer sprouting broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers and chillis. 

Spring is here!4B – we’ve had this plot 18 months. This is the start of our second growing season.

Just need bark on this bed now to cover the weed membrane then it’s finished, daffodils, grape hyacinths, the two apple trees we grafted last spring, four raspberry bushes and four lavender bushes.5B – we’ve had the keys to this plot two years this week! This is the start of our third growing season.

Our happy place!


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  1. Wow, great to see how much you’ve done so far this year on your allotment. I recently tore my lateral meniscus in my knee so I’m unable to go over my allotment to do any work at present and am missing it so much, as I know by now I would have dug it all over and begun planting. Instead, the weeds will be growing bigger and bigger. I hope to be able to get over there soon, although I may have to rope in my husband to do the digging for me, even though he hates it. It’s my escape from everything and I miss it so, so much, but feel so much better reading your blog. Thanks.

    1. Sharon says:

      Oh no… That sounds very painful, hope you feel better soon. I can’t dig due to my health but Mr C is doing a marvellous job. To feel the soil getting warmer is wonderful. Seeds coming along nice,y at home as well! It’s also our escape away from life and in such a short time has become our Happy Place! Take care and let’s hope you’re mobile ASAP, even if just to sit and watch the weeds grow for your first few visits! Best wishes s x

      1. Thanks. I think I’ll have a wander over there some time this week to see how the weeds are doing. Back to physio in 2 weeks and hoping to be told I can now do more, i.e. dig my allotment!!

      2. Sharon says:

        Fingers crossed! Please don’t try dig before you can walk!!
        Mr C dug another bed over yesterday on our newer plot.
        Here’s to 2017 being a good growing year! S x


    Hi The Allotment looks very good. Lovely to see the Tete a Tete Daffodils
    brightening the Allotment. Glad to hear that my bed is waiting for me to
    weed it. I promise I will come and help before our Holiday. Luz u both lots
    Mum x

    1. Sharon says:

      Thank you my lovely! Can’t wait to hear more tales of your plot up on a mountainside! You were my original inspiration, showed us we could turn a piece of field into an allotment with hard work and a bit of planning! Hope the family are all well s x

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