It’ll Soon Be Spring…


We’ve spent most of this weekend up at the allotment and spring is only just around the corner… the hawthorn hedge has specs of green about to burst and there was pussy willow on a tree at the bottom of the site.  

We’ve been enjoying our homegrown leeks, cabbages, kale, swedes and sprouts over the last three months and our purple sprouting broccoli is just about to provide us with tender stems for a few weeks.

This weekend was mostly about muck, compost, mud and weeding and lots of it all!

One of our friends called up for a chat on Saturday and brought cookies too, thank you Miss W! To sit outside in Yorkshire in February with sunshine on your face is a gorgeous feeling… Spring is coming… a time for new life and new beginnings on the allotment.

We arrived on Saturday lunchtime with hardly any visible soil and left with three sacks full of weeds and nine beds of dark glossy soil all weed free!

What you can’t see is the energy that Mr C put into this weekend. He is a star and I appreciate all his hard work so much! Trying to bring almost 500 litres of manure and three sacks of compost from home up to our plot was exhausting for him as the wheelbarrow got harder to push and the up hill journey got longer as the lane got muddier. He ended up with boards laid out trying to steer the wheelbarrow over. 

I was on weeding duty for the weekend… hard work as I can’t bend for long and can’t kneel. If I’m sat on the floor I end up stuck and I feel more of a hindrance than a help some days. I was really chuffed that I managed to do all the weeding I’d planned. I try not to look at the weeds on 4B laughing at me thinking they’ve won! It will take a time but I’ll get them! I bought a lovely new kneeling pad I found in TK Maxx the other week and it was very comfy to sit on, as I say kneeling is not something I can actually do!

We have a new raised bed on 4B that Mr C has weeded at ground level and then filled with compost and manure. This will soon be our Asparagus bed.

We got very excited when we saw our compost bin was full of compost! For two years we’ve put all our raw vegetable peelings, banana skins, cardboard from toilet rolls, eggs shells, grass cutting etc and we now have ‘free’ compost to use on our plot, how clever is that!

We finished the weekend covering two beds up with groundsheets… why? To warm the earth ready for potatoe planting around Easter.

Home now, dirty clothes in the washer and Mr C is in the bath to soak away his aches and pains. Stew has been bubbling all day in the slow cooker so just some dumplings to make before we collapse and watch Countryfile before bed. Stew tastes even better when it has homegrown potatoes, onions, carrots, swede and parsnips in it!

We’ve had 5B for two years and are looking forward to our third growing season in 2017! 


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