Autumn’s Coming… 2016


It’s suddenly becoming autumnal up at the allotment. Pumpkins are changing colours, sprouts are gradually growing larger, cabbages have become round! Whoop whoop… sorry… and breathe! I really thought I couldn’t grow rounder cabbages but there are at least four that are! 

In the spring we grafted two apple trees which we have lovingly watched grow in our garden at home and they now need a home on our allotment.

So Mr C has peeled back the covers and dug a new bed. The plan is to have our trees in here with daffodils and lavender around them.



Hope you’re enjoying our allotmenteering journey!

We did a free apple tree grafting course at Beardsworths Ltd, Whitehall Road, Cleckheaton earlier in 2016. Check out their website


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