Allotment Update 

Due to the weather we feel like the allotment is just starting to grow. 

We’ve learnt our lesson with squashes… don’t plant out til Monty says so. That was a very big lesson!! Flowers mean as much to me as fruit and veg and meadows do not just grow! Three sowings later it’s starting to look like wild flowers and I’m glad I grew the foxgloves at home over the winter. Gooseberries seem to have been shredded by caterpillars, we’ve had vanishing cauliflowers and blight hit half of our potatoes.

Our spuds taste lush, fresh grown peas, herbs and lettuce are the best… onions and garlic are harvested ready for use. Our boysenberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are full of fruit and we’ve even more rhubarb in for next year thanks to lovely friends and we can’t wait to see fruit on our mini orchard in future years.

5B and now 4B are definitely our happy place… It’s good to sit at our table and watch everything grow or to stand in the shed when the heavens open, it’s all part of allotmenteering and we love it come rain or shine, winter or summer.

Hope you enjoyed the latest stroll around our plot!


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  1. I love my allotment too. Even more so now I have a shed!! Going to put a kettle in there soon and a little bbq for outside, so I can pick or dig fresh veg from the garden and cook it straight away. One tip for your gooseberries – net them as the pigeons will take them all, they did the first year I had my allotment, literally within 24 hours it was stripped bare!!

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