Jamberry Manicure & Pedicure

My Jamberry Pack has arrived… How exciting! 

 Any excuse to put some different wraps on. The set I’ve used only come with the Jamberry starter pack.   

 This is the half sheet of Jamberry nail wraps that I’m going to use for a manicure and pedicure.  
 This is how the nail wraps are designed… Manicure wraps and accent nails on the left, pedicure nail wraps on the right. My big toes need the smaller of the two toe nail sized wraps.

 For a Jamberry application you need a hairdryer, scissors, orange stick and nail file.
   Jamberry nail wraps are one size fits all, if your nails are smaller cut them to suit you! I square off the thumb nail wrap to fit my nails better.

I also need to make the nail wrap for my ring fingers slightly smaller. 

I applied my finger nail wraps using the Jamberry heater, this is when you can use a hairdryer.

This is following the 1-2-3 Application which you’ll find on YouTube. It might take a while to perfect your application, my best advice is don’t rush.

Nail wraps cut ready for my manicure.  

These are the wraps I have left from a half sheet after my manicure. 

  Toe and finger wraps have been left to cool before cutting then filing the excess wrap off.  
Finished toe and finger nails.
 I’ve done a full manicure and pedicure and this is how much I’ve got left from a half sheet of Janberry nail wraps. I use the large wrap that’s left to cut into accent nails, the perfect curve to use as a template is the small wrap saying Jamberry or with the colour reference on.

If you’re using a glitter wrap please note the wraps are slightly thicker and need extra heat and pressure when applying. If a wrap lifts slightly at the side, base or tip, re-heat and apply pressure. There are lots of great posts to help you apply Jamberry nail wraps online.

Jamberry website link for you to have a look at all the amazing designs!

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