Good Friday! 

A bonus day at the allotment on Good Friday and the sun shone all day, 13 degrees C in March is a good day indeed!

Extra workers meant more jobs done too…thank you to the Curly One and Miss C!
The boys had dressed themselves this morning!

A couple of trips to Whiteley’s Nursery on Hough Side Road in Pudsey for top soil, compost and manure meant our new raised bed is now full of soil and ready for some potatoes once they’ve chitted. Manure round the fruit trees and rhubarb and more red onion sets planted and some curly kale seeds sowed.
Lots of raking by Craig and Miss C meant we’ve found soil on 4B and five big bags of weed killed vegetation went to the tip. After Mr C had dug up some bramble roots we managed to get about half this new plot covered up and it looks less daunting already! We found a use for all the broken slabs and bricks Mr C had found on 4B.

Happy Easter everyone!


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