I Like Pie…


I love steak pie, apple pie, cherry pie… 

In fact despite the fact I LOVE PIE, the number of pies I like is actually quite limited! 

I love the pastry on a good pork pie but I don’t like the insides and the jelly, eugh, no thank you! I will not eat chicken pie… let me just say ‘pet rabbit’… I will not trust anyone who tells me it’s chicken! 

A couple of years ago I realised I liked baked ham, yes another Sharon’ism…I love bacon and pork but didn’t like any kind of ham or gammon. I’m weird I know! Anyway back to the baked ham, we cook one quite often then the boys get ham for wraps for dinners, sometimes an evening meal with veg or sweet potato wedges. 

I then became brave and made a Ham And Leek Pie and I liked it. This week we had a nice big baked ham so I decided to make PIE.

The recipe I used is this one from BBC Good Food Online

I used the last of our bigger potatoes that we grew on 5B last year. Next time we’ll be able to use our own leeks as they’re getting bigger!  


I used short crust pastry because that’s my favourite. Delicious!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Allotmental says:

    I really must try to make some pies!! 😃

    1. Sharon says:

      Bought pastry is always a good cheat… Especially the ready rolled ones!! 😉

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