Nankhatai Spiced Indian Shortbread by ChinsKitchen


I have today received a parcel full of the most amazing shortbread I have ever tasted. Being a shortbread addict that’s a big claim but wow you have to try these.

These are Nankhatai which are a spiced Indian shortbread. The two flavours I’m trying are Rose And Cardamom and Chai Spice. They are made by ChinsKitchen.

 I love the packaging, the simple brown paper is a perfect backdrop to the labels and ribbon. The beautiful rich colour of the ribbon and the colours in the logo on the labels give a hint of the warming spices that have been used in these delicious shortbreads.

I’m always wary of using spice and strong flavours in baking, I’ve had a disaster with rose flavours before now, buying three different essences before getting the right flavour.  The first two I tried were so overpowering they made me think of my dear old Auntie Elsie in the 1970’s rather than a delicate floral cake. I’ve tried cardamom cakes and wondered why? Why make a cake taste like a curry?!

I don’t like crazy flavoured cakes and biscuits, I want to feel I’m eating a heavenly morsel, a little bit of naughtiness, and that’s what these Nankhatai are. They are buttery and the flavours are delicate. The rose and cardamom are a perfect mix of flavours, I wonder how many hours it took to get this exact taste, time well spent as they taste wonderful. The Chai Spice made me think of a perfect cup of tea… In a good way.

I was lucky enough to be sent these Bespoke and Artisan Nankhatai to try but that doesn’t mean I have to give a good review. I am a harsh critic when I don’t like something, but these are delicious and something different and I will definitely think of ordering these in the future and if they were in my local deli store I would certainly grab a pack or two when I wanted a treat. They would make an ideal present or thank you for a friend and would be a a nice addition to a food hamper. 

I need to go hide these now before I eat another… 

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