Freedom is something we all take for granted. We’ve been brought up in a country where we have choice in most of our daily tasks. 

Sometimes our health changes the way you have to look at life and freedom starts to disappear. Being independent isn’t as easy as it used to be.

One of my favourite things in life was to visit London. I’ve been taking the Curly One to our capital city since he was four. I feel very emotional about London, if there is such a thing as a past life, I have definitely lived in London! I have always loved the crowds, the buzz, the history, architecture, people watching, shops, theatres. To sit on a bench in Leicester Square and people watch, hearing Big Ben go boing boing boing (my friend Sarah will smile if she reads that line!) The wonderful museums, Natural History, Science Museum, British Museum. Theatres and the show they put on, yes I am addicted to Wicked! Seeing the pomp and ceremony of Changing The Guard at Buckingham Palace or at Horse Guards. I love everything! I come alive when I’m there.

But London is no longer easy, with a walking stick and mobility issues it’s a hard city to navigate. The tube is not designed for me, if escalators are out of order it can become an underground prison as not every station has a lift. Luckily I love London buses as they give me a view of the city, I do miss the old Wayfarers but the new electric ones are quite cool. People say I have a London bus map ingrained on my brain, number 6 has a good route to show you the sights. I also use a limo/taxi service as recommended to me by The Muscle Whisperer, Sophia. This is a godsend.

I used to walk miles in the city, now I panic in crowded spaces, people just don’t see my walking stick. 

London has broken me on my last two visits. June 2013 we visited for Mr C’s birthday, two months before my fibromyalgia diagnosis. Too much walking, too many stairs on the tube, then the final stretch was the escalator was out on the Underground at Kings Cross, so we had to walk up it, these escalators are long with deep stairs. The second time London pushed me over the edge was in October 2014 when I had a trip with the Curly One. It took me a long time to fully recover my fatigue. 

So today is a BIG DAY. I’m currently sat on a Virgin East Coast Train in first class on my way to London, by myself! I haven’t done this for a long time. I’m meeting a lovely friend when I get there and she is very patient with me and my slow legs! 

London will not defeat me. I love this place too much. I just need to find a way to make it work. 

I have my train tickets, disabled train card and free bus with me. I also have my Oyster card with me just in case, though the Tube is not in my plan.   

Next stop London! 

8.30pm… Train home…

I’ve had a great day. Even walked through some crowded areas when it was dark. People don’t see my walking stick. If I feel in danger I stop, I stand still and pull my stick nearer to my leg. London isn’t as accessible as it should be and people will never learn to slow down and think of others! Having a disability or a mobility problem makes you look at life differently. I hope my blog will make you think and also please do a little whoop ‘for me’ that today was a success! 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Allotmental says:

    The number 8 bus is quite good from what i remember. Can i recommend Sky Garden… its free but you must book well in advance☺.

    1. Sharon says:

      I had a great day. A no 73 bus took me from Kings Cross to Selfridges and back again! 🙂
      What’s Sky Garden?

      1. Allotmental says:

        Hi. If you google Sky Garden you should find it. Its near Liverpool st and you get one of the best views over London 😉

  2. Brenda Longfield says:

    what a marvelous write up! I can see it will inspire others in your situation. I admire you for never
    giving in and constantly working towards helping charities to help others often with the same problems as yourself. lets hope you can continue to support your Charity and work towards putting a smile on many faces thus making many people able to find their self esteem once more.
    Luz u so very much
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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