NYC Bar And Grill, Bawtry, Doncaster


Meeting our friends from Lincoln we find Bawtry is a great place for a meal. This time we chose NYC Bar And Grill which is just off the High Street in The Courtyard. 
Looked like a diner, cool NYC wallpaper on the walls, nice staff and very tasty burgers! Very, very tasty burgers and good dirty fries. I sometimes worry when there’s a big menu as they can’t always live up to what they’re offering but everything looked and tasted great. Bottomless coffees and soft drinks. Choice of toppers for the fries and you could swap your brioche bap for waffles, donuts, crepes, in fact almost anything was possible.

Great prices too and a good student discount available with a student card.

Would definitely visit again and highly recommend if you’re in the area. 
My only slight negative is that the website looks like it should be connected to Morrisons Supermarket! 

I’ve not been asked or paid to make this review, all comments are my own.


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