Tasting Menu – Healds Hall Hotel 20.11.2015


This is something we treat ourselves to a couple of times a year. Look out for the TravelZoo offers when you can have a six course Tasting Menu for two at around £45.

This popular restaurant and wedding venue is in Liversedge just a few miles from the M1 and M62. Staff are always lovely and as I found out tonight they know the food they’re serving.

I was immediately panicked by the eel. I think it’s something to do with my first ever fishing experience at Scarborough Harbour when I was around 7 years old that puts me off eel. Now it was a very big eel I caught that snapped my line before my dad had even finished setting up my younger brother’s rod!!

Delicious bread with tapenade started off our meal. They always ask if you’d like more.

The velouté was wonderful as always. I’ve never been a big soup fan but the veloutés they serve at Healds Hall Hotel are thick and full of amazing flavour.  
I’d asked for my salmon dish without the eel. When we were served this course the waitress asked if I’d like to try some of the eel on the side. She said she’d thought eugh when they’d first been told and that she had tasted it and thought it tasted a little like smoked mackerel. She brought me out a small pot so I could try. It wasn’t what I expected. It was strongly smoked but with all the other flavours and textures on the plate it did work. Now that’s an exceptional waitress in my mind!
I’ve never liked duck until I had a nice duck curry at a friend’s earlier this year and I have never eaten pheasant despite my parents often having a brace hung up in the garage when I was younger. My croquette was very dark and quite strong whereas Mr C’s was full of paler meat. I don’t think I had much pheasant meat in mine. This dish was very tasty and very rich in f,a our. Loved the artichoke purée and put lentils.
We were told the steak would be served pink, it was slightly over by the time we were served. The steak was well seasoned with a good kick of pepper, delicious. The ox cheek fell apart and was deliciously rich in flavour. The carrot purée was sweet and a perfect accompaniment.
Oh dear, I’d not read past the beef on the menu. Watermelon? Oh no… I can’t stand the stuff and after tonight’s I’m afraid I haven’t changed my mind. Nicely presented but Mr C had to try eat two of these because I was making bleurgh noises and pulling faces!
Our final course was served and the waiter said Chocolate Fondant. Tasted lovely but an empty hollow in the middle of the cake, no wonderful oozing chocolate.
A lovely meal, helpful staff and nice surroundings. They had Landlord on the hand pumps as always, even better though they had Saltaire Raspberry Blonde on, Mr C’s favourite beer of the last year.

Highly recommend a meal here and know we will be back!

Healds Hall Hotel

Leeds Road


West Yorkshire

WF15 6JA



Telephone: 01924 409112


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