Orange Spiced Chocolate and Cranberry Bundt Cake


I was given this lovely Nordic Ware Holiday Baking recipe book by one of my lovely Clandestine Cake Club friends Sam.  We both like to make food gifts for friends and family and this book had so many lovely recipes that I didn’t know what to make first.2015-11-14 17.03.11I was attending a Christmas themed Clandestine Cake Club at Headingley this week so what better than to bake the holiday wreath bundt from the front of the book.

The main thing when baking a bundt tin is the preparation.  A bundt cake will turn out perfectly as long as you prepare your tin correctly. I always spray my tin with cake release spray and then flour every nook and cranny using plain flour (all purpose) and banging it on my sink to get rid of the excess.2015-11-16 18.00.40This cake has orange zest and cinnamon in it and then layers of dark chocolate chips and dried cranberries.

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Some fine icing work, a cake board with hundreds and thousands printed on it and some edible glitter and the finished cake looked as delicious as it tasted!2015-11-16 22.37.55

2015-11-16 22.37.42

Highly recommend this book as it’s full of lovely recipes from biscuits to sweet treats, bread and bundt cakes.



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