Open Letter – Don’t Take Away My Independence


I have a blue badge because I can’t walk very far and am disabled despite only being 45. I waited two years while struggling with my mobility until I received my blue badge. I never parked in a disabled bay until I received my blue badge. I now struggle finding that lots of people without a blue badge actually don’t care and do park in these precious disabled spaces. I struggle trying to do a full supermarket shop now so usually  get my main shopping delivered by Tesco. Also I lost my confidence around shopping by myself earlier this year when a larger vegetable basket dropped on me from the top shelf in Aldi. The only grocery shopping I can manage by myself is at small supermarkets such as my local Co-Op. Their two disabled spaces and small but we’ll stocked store help me keep some independence. I can just pop in for milk! This independence is taken away when people without a blue badge park in their disabled bays. I decided a few months ago to ask people why they were parked there if they didn’t have a blue badge displayed. Today I knocked on a lady’s car window only to be told that if I wasn’t fat I wouldn’t be disabled! She was actually the same size as me and was parked in a disabled bay with no blue badge on display while her male friend ran into the store. She did upset me but people like her help me continue on my quest to tell strangers that they have no right to take away my independence by parking in disabled parking bays without a blue badge. Having a disability means seeing the world without rose coloured glasses and you realise how many rude, selfish and arrogant people there are out there! Please think before you do things because sometimes your actions can actually affect a stranger and take away their independence without you ever realising!
Thank you.


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