Oven Roasted Tomatoes For The Freezer


We’ve not had the best year for growing tomatoes. We think 5B might be a bit too windy and despite the amount of sunshine our allotment gets we’re only just getting red tomatoes. I’ve made some green and red tomato chutney so that will keep us going and is lovely with sausages, cheese and cold meats. What to do with the rest of the tomatoes? Another form of preserving is to oven bake them and freeze, then I’ll use instead of buying tinned chopped tomatoes.

I sprayed olive oil on the oven tray, washed and dried the tomatoes and cut in half. A little drizzle of rape seed oil on top along with some salt, black pepper and dried basil. Cook at 200 degrees for around 45 minutes. Don’t over bake them. Leave to cool then put into tubs or freezer bags and label with name and date. 

Simple and tasty. Hopefully you’ll have more tomatoes so can put more trays in the oven at once.   

 Having an allotment is about preserving and freezing what we grow as much as the actual growing!

These will work great in a tomato sauce with pasta, as the tomato base for a chilli, in a soup or stew. If you’d normally use tinned chopped tomatoes use these. The taste of summer sunshine that can be stored in the freezer until you want them.


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  1. Brenda Longfield says:

    what a super idea and its amazing how the tomatoes have suddenly started to ripen.
    there is nothing like the taste of sundried tomatoes. there is nothing more tasty
    than sundried tomatoes and considering its England we are living in not Italy it’s the
    next best way to keep the sweetness in. I look forward to tasting them over the winter.
    tk cr luz u lots Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Sharon says:

      Roasted rather than sun dried. Absolutely delicious as the flavour intensifies s x

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