SoLITA, Prestwich, Manchester

Finally we’ve been to Solita… after hearing amazing comments online and from Manchester friends! It meant a drive across The Pennines in awful conditions due to crazy wet weather but we got there and were very impressed.

The Manchester based restaurant Solita have just opened their third restaurant in Prestwich just off the M60 on the A56. The other two restaurants are in Didsbury and the city centre in the Northern Quarter.

Why should you go to Solita?

The food is great, the staff are lovely and they had great music playing. The Prestwich restaurant is bright and airy.

No sauces with silly names at Solita and everything was exactly as it said on the menu. Quite a large menu with lots of choice which always makes it harder to decide what to order!
The one thing I did miss was a good strawberry milkshake, it’s my drink of choice when I’m the designated driver and dirty burgers are on the menu. They did have Root Beer on the menu which I seem to suddenly like as long as it’s with a good dirty burger!
Widowmaker Hot Dog 

This hot dog tasted good. Upgraded to sweet potato fries.
Manc-Hattan Burger

Mr C enjoyed this greatly especially the oven bottom roll and black pudding. With standard fries.
Once In A Lifetime 

Oh yes… This was mine… Well I shared it out! I wanted this burger as it had everything I love on it… pulled pork, onions, buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, cheese and burgers. Personally I’d have loved this with just one 6oz burger and it would then be my perfect burger!
Pizza Fries
Cornmeal Fried Jalapeños 
Deep Fried Pickles
Beer Battered Onion Rings
Almost the perfect onion ring.
Was hoping the Onion Flower would be on the Specials Board, have seen and heard about this online and it looks like the best way to eat an onion ever!
Vanilla Ice Cream with Bacon Candy
Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Oreo ice cream
The Solita Ice Cream Donut Sandwich
Mr C enjoyed a bottle of Paulaner Beer and both boys had a pint of Soli-PA which tasted mighty fine, brewed exclusively by Manchester’s Brightside Brewery.

Loved the special building block effect on the outside of the building!

Only question is when can we go again?  Worth crossing The Pennines for!


401 Bury New Road



M25 1AA

0161 710 2884

I’ve not been asked or paid to make this review, all comments are my own,


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