Swiss Pull Chop from Kuhn Rikon


I ordered this item from QVC earlier this week and it arrived tonight. I’d already made tea so I’ve just been into the kitchen to try it out now while the boys are out watching the Leeds Rhinos.

Oh my word, this is going to be my new hero gadget in the kitchen. I struggle chopping things in the kitchen and finely slicing is almost impossible. In fact when I’m throwing a knife around the boys usually hide. I have a habit of dropping knives, cutting through my fingers, slicing through my finger nails and generally being quite dangerous due to my lack of co-ordination and terrible mobility in my hands meaning I often do something scary and dangerous! Plus if I chop chillies without wearing gloves I can’t get chilli heat off my hands for days. These are my chilli gloves.


Anyway… I’ve got an electric mini chopper which is in the back of the cupboard. It does work but things get stuck at the top and bottom so don’t get chopped. I then bought a gadget to go on Ken, my Kenwood Premier Chef mixer, the glass jars don’t bounce very well and wet things leak. I did try chopping garlic and a chilli last week but wasn’t happy with the result as everything got stuck at the top of the jar.

So what did I think of my Kuhn Rikon manual chopper? Blooming fantastic! You pull a handle which is attached to a string, you pull it like you would a lawnmower starter motor.

I put two garlic cloves and one red chilli in and pulled it 20 times… this is the result.



I then added three small homegrown red onions and six olives and pulled on the chord another ten times.



The results are fantastic. My hand and wrist hurt but much less than when I’m chopping using a knife. There are two sharp blades and a spatula top and bottom to stop your food getting stuck and not chopped like with my electric mini chopper.


I’ve popped the storage lid on and put in the fridge until I use them to cook tea tomorrow night.


I definitely recommend this item!


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