Cherry Bakewell Bundt

Cherries and almonds… two of my favourite ingredients and perfect to put in a Cherry Bakewell bundt.


225g unsalted butter

190g caster sugar

130g Sugar and Crumbs Cherry Bakewell icing sugar

4 large eggs

220g plain flour 

100g ground almonds

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

230ml sour cream 

(You could use natural yoghurt instead of sour cream)

20 French Glacé Cherries, chopped in quarters and/or halves

Red paste food colouring

Icing sugar, French Glacé Cherries and flaked almonds to decorate


Preheat your oven to 170 degrees.

Oil and flour your Bundt tin. I use a cake release spray.

Cream the sugar and butter together.

Add the eggs one at a time.

Take a small amount of the dry ingredients and shake the chopped cherries into it, put this to one side. 

Add half of the dry ingredients, then half the sour cream, add the other half of the dry ingredients, add the remainder of the sour cream.

Take out six heaped tablespoons of the mixture and put into a small bowl. Add some red food colouring and mix it well. 

Add the floured cherries into the rest of the cream coloured cake batter.

Pour or spoon the large amount of batter with the cherries into your Bundt tin. 

Spoon the red mixture in the middle as your top layer. Take a skewer and swirl through the mix being careful not to catch the sides of the tin.

Bake for 60-70 minutes until the cake bounces back or no mix comes off on a skewer.
That moment when you think will it come out?…
Leave to cool.
To decorate I made some water icing with the S&C Cherry Bakewell icing sugar.  Poured it down the curves of this Bundt then painted the sides with the icing using a pastry brush. I then plonked delicious French Glacé Cherries on top and sprinkled on flaked almonds! Delicious!

The cherries I used were French Glacé Cherries that I was given a few weeks ago for a Clandestine Cake Club event. They were perfect for the top of this cake as they are big and plump and very red, they also tasted delicious in the cake itself. More details includings where you can buy them from can be found at

Sugar and Crumbs delicious icing sugars and flavoured cocoa can be found at

I don’t mind sharing the cake love but please if you use any of my recipes make sure you credit me if you post about them on social media. Lots of hard work goes into putting recipes together. Happy baking!


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