Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

Burgers… they seem to be taking over, especially in Scotland. The question was where to go in Glasgow on our recent visit for Mr C’s birthday? Google burger and Glasgow and the choice is mind blowing (other search engines are available!)

The two names that kept coming up most were Burger Meats Bun and Bread Meats Bread… the names alone are quirky and make me smile. We’d enjoyed a meal at Burger Meats Bun in Edinburgh last year while Christmas Shopping and Michelin dining in the city so our choice for Glasgow was decided on… Bread Meets Bread.
We managed to get through the city centre traffic without hitting bus lanes or yellow ‘no stop’ boxes and got to park almost outside the door.  I love it when a plan comes together perfectly!

A small restaurant and just room left at a couple of tables. You can’t book so at busy times expect to wait… don’t give in, it will be worth the wait.

They sell beer in schooners…. no pints unless you buy a jug which is two pints worth! Sillyness and trying to be over quirky, what’s the point of 2/3rds of a pint?!  The birthday boy had a jug of beer and I had a strawberry milkshake.
Now part of the reason I needed a burger in Glasgow was because I wanted to try poutine. Basically a Canadian dish, chips, gravy and cheese curds. I’d seen Tim and Simon on C4’s Sunday Brunch taste different poutines months ago and had wanted to try one ever since.

We ordered a Scotalian Burger which was a burger made with spiced Italian sausage as well as ground beef. Mr C’s opinion was delicious, he said if you’re going to re-invent the burger you need to do it well and they had done it very well indeed.  I chose The Wolf of St Vincent Street… pulled pork has a way of talking to me even though I really just wanted a cheeseburger. Oh my, The Wolf was delicious, total dirty burger overload… a total taste sensation and it was mine, all mine!  Mr C is gradually coming round to brioche buns with burgers, these were good sturdy buns that didn’t fall apart due to the dirtyness of the burgers.
An order of onion rings as they seem a rarity at burger joints in general and finally a poutine.  Now I have to admit I’ve always avoided chips and gravy, I just don’t get it. Soggy chips!? I don’t really get gravy full stop unless it’s full of meat juices on a Yorkshire Pudding with a big joint of meat. My head and mouth were already arguing love/hate before I even tried our poutine! My verdict was it’s okay, I loved the cheese curds but still not really getting the gravy and chips… tasted a bit jacket potatoey to me. Now the fries people were ordering around us looked amazing. In future I’m definitely sticking to chips, chunky delicious chips, potato or sweet potato or both mixed together, that’s what I want with sea salt and a bit of vinegar… but no gravy… please no gravy on my chips!
Bread Meats Bread is a great city centre burger restaurant in Glasgow, if you like burgers I can assure you they are good, very good and it’s well worth a visit, very glad we got to eat here and it’s always good when you leave a meal all sticky from burger juices! Mmmmm dirty burgers strike again!

Bread Meats Bread, 104 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5UB

0141 249 9898

Their website is currently being rebuilt but don’t worry, you can download the menu just try not to drool too much as you might break your phone or ipad!! 😉

I have not been asked or paid to make this review.  All comments are my own.


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  1. Brenda Longfield says:

    gosh what a meal! I would have been bloated for \ week with that lot but as
    long as you both enjoyed it. had Sam for tea last night so we had a lovely time
    with him. he lifted my Agapanthus tubs into the borders for me so that was a
    great help and sorted something out on my Banking site. had my Eyes Tested today
    and they haven’t changed. back to 2 year tests again after been put on Annual
    after my problems last year. tk cr luz u both so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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