Almost Famous, Leeds – Jurassic Pork Burger

My family love twitter and social media, we might be in the same house but yet we’ll tweet or tag each other on a post we’ve seen online.  I know we’re not the only household to do this!

So earlier this week on facebook I saw a post from our favourite Leeds burger joint that showed a burger they’d only be serving up to Father’s Day this weekend… I immediately tagged the boys and so a plan to go out for tea on Friday night was formed!

What had got the boys so excited?  A post from Almost Famous about their Jurassic Pork special burger.

Why was it special?  I’ll let their photo speak for itself along with the description of what was on this burger!

2015-06-19 16.14.08

Was it really that big?


Did the boys have meat shakes after this burger?

Of course they did, almost hit a meat coma between them!

Two specials were on offer last night.

2015-06-19 16.45.24 2015-06-19 17.45.30

We also got to sit in one of the booths with the amazing sweetie tables…

Our meal in photos…

I had the Famous Burger and it totally hit the mark for me, enough drip and sauce to make it a perfect burger… meat, cheese, sauce, salad and a brioche bun = dirty burger.  I also had the waffle fries with pulled pork and I can’t go to Almost Famous without a Cloud Monkey milkshake.

2015-06-19 16.49.54 2015-06-19 16.57.25 2015-06-19 17.01.39

2015-06-19 16.58.22

The pulled pork on these waffle fries was delicious and probably the best pulled pork I’ve tasted and that’s quite a claim as it is one of my food addictions!2015-06-19 16.57.15

The boys both had the Jurassic Pork and shared a portion of fries all swilled down by a couple of pints of beer.

2015-06-19 16.56.49 2015-06-19 16.56.56 2015-06-19 16.57.09

Loving the Jelly Babies on the top!

Mr C had to admit that the brioche bun held together once he’d eaten the ribs off the top, the Curly One said it was a perfect burger that didn’t move and was easy to eat despite the size of the filling.

Friday tea time sorted.

2015-06-19 17.15.22


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