Veggie Shepherds Pie

Well it could be a meat eaters Shepherds Pie but I made ours a veggie one and very tasty it was.

I’m not giving measurements and amounts as most people can make a Shepherds Pie/Cottage Pie style dish.

I used quorn which I cooked in a vegetarian gravy in my slow cooker. To the quorn I added a chopped onion, frozen peas, salt and pepper and left it cooking on high for three hours. 

I then peeled and chopped sweet potatoes and butternut squash and boiled them in a pan.  I then mashed these.

The final piece of magic… Sprouts! Oh yes! I never liked them as a child but now I love them!  I trimmed them, tops, outer layers then finely sliced. Fried the sliced sprouts in some olive oil and butter. Once they started to colour I mixed them into the orange mash mix.

Poured the quorn mince mix into an ovenproof dish and topped with the sprouty mash. Heated through in the oven and browned the top slightly under the grill. You could also add cheese on top.

A great taste and a perfect family meal. 

Use cabbage if you prefer to sprouts, finely slice and cook as above. Potatoes can be used for your mash and use lamb, steak or beef mince if you prefer it to quorn.


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  1. Allotmental says:

    Looks tasty to me!!

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