French Glacé Cherries – Biscuits

French Glacé Cherries

On Sunday 7 June 2015 we’re holding a Clandestine Cake Club in Farsley near Pudsey in West Yorkshire and we can now confirm that it will be sponsored by French Glacé Cherries.

Earlier this week I received a huge box of goodies from French Glacé Cherries for me to try a few recipes with and there’ll be cherries and other goodies to hand out at the cake club in June.

These cherries grow in Provence in France and are naturally coloured. I was sent some red and purple glacé cherries, they look plump, are slightly sticky and taste divine straight from the pot.


I’ve had a glacé cherry addiction since the 1970’s when I was a very young baker. One of my favourites was making coconut macaroons with half a glacé cherry on top (quarter of a cherry some weeks!)… I used to love pushing the macaroons out of the egg cup we used and putting the cherry on top. I’ve been baking since I was very little and simple recipes with great flavours have always been my favourites. Basic buns tasted wonderful with some white water icing and a half glacé cherry on top, we’d add a dash of vanilla now, lashings of buttercream and a full cherry and call them cherry vanilla cup cakes

The box of goodies from French Glacé Cherries included some recipe cards with lots of great ideas. Today I thought I’d try a biscuit recipe with glacé cherries, oats and pecan nuts. I didn’t have pecans so used chopped almonds which I crumbled up a bit in my hand.

These biscuits were delicious. I love how you can make something so quickly, mix, shape, bake and eat… it’s almost as quick as going to the shop!



Very scrummy indeed!  It did make a large batch so we’ve sent some to my parent’s and put some in the freezer as they’re way to tempting sat in the biscuit tin!

Hmmmm what recipe to try next?

Some of the recipe cards they’ve sent me are for French Glacé Cherry Millionaires Shortbread and a French Glacé Cherry Parkin that I definitely need to try.  Another recipe has a mustard based cherry chutney, I’m a huge chutney and jam lover and have spent hours over the years leaning over a heavy based pan so am looking forward to trying that!

If you’d like to come along to the Clandestine Cake Club sponsored by French Glacé Cherries on 7 June there are still some places… please send an email to me at
You may bring a guest to the event, please ask at the time of booking.  These are the event details and our theme is ‘It’s A Kind Of Magic’ 

More information about French Glacé Cherries including recipe ideas can be found on their website

The big question is where can you buy French Glacé Cherries from in the UK

Clandestine Cake Club is a great way to meet new friends over a slice or two of cake. Find out more on the website



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