Dreaming Of Jam…


When we found out we’d got an allotment my first thought was fruit… we love jam and we love jam and cake and we love fruit crumbles… you get the idea.

At home we’ve got an apple tree, rhubarb, a red currant, two black currants and a gooseberry bush so what to choose for 5B?

An apple tree and two rhubarb plants were immediately bought and are already in the ground.  My next wish was a Blackberry, Loganberry or Boysenberry bush. Lots of thinking on this one.

Finally thanks to Been There Dug That’s recent blog post I decided it had to be a Boysenberry bush on our plot. Use the link and have a read of his post, it tells you more about the history of the Boysenberry. Reading his blog the other week gave us hope that we could clear 5B and get it plant ready and it’s nice to chat with another ‘Allotment Novice.’ 🙂

This morning my two bushes arrived by postman, along with a delivery of 48 8cm peat pots. Excited girl or what! Whoo hoo!
I’d ordered my Boysenberries from ‘Mow It Sow It Grow It.’ They were packaged very well to ensure safe delivery and are healthy looking plants.
The box was filled with pockets of air and everything carefully wrapped in tissue paper.
I can’t wait for Mr C to dig a couple of holes and get these planted over Easter.

Why Boysenberries? We use Easiyo Yogurt and one of our favourite flavours is Boysenberry. They produce a heavy crop, are frost hardly and well suited to being grown in the UK.
Boysenberries are a cross between a Raspberry, Dewberry and a Loganberry.
Here are the details for Mow It Sow It Grow It:


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  1. Big thank you for the mention 🙂 I’m glad that my little blog helped you to stick to your wishlist. P.S. I’ve been trying to write comment on your (and others’ posts) for days but for some reason I could only click likes 😦 Loads to catch up on now 🙂 Good luck with the Boysenberries 🙂

    1. me says:

      Always good to spread the word about another blog and you definitely inspired us and made us realise it wasn’t impossible! WordPress doesn’t always let me ‘like’ or comment … one of those online glitches that will bug you as much as greenfly on your tomatoes! Happy Easter, hoping it’s sunny and dry in Wales 🙂 s x

      1. You too! Hope you are having a good one 🙂

      2. me says:

        15.5 degrees in Pudsey today and one very tired Mr C when we finally came home x

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