Book List – 2015

This is a list that will obviously grow over the year.

You’ll notice that I like to read rather gruesome thrillers as well as feel good romances and I think a few gardening books might sneak into this list.

I enjoy most of my reading via my Kindle Paperwhite.  It makes it easier for me to read as I sometimes struggle to hold a book due to my fibromyalgia.  It also means that if I can’t sleep due to insomnia I don’t disturb Mr C by having to have a light on in the middle of the night!

Taken For Dead (Katie Maguire Book 4) – Graham Masterton

The latest gruesome thriller in this series. Graham Masterton books keep me gripped and this series are all very clever stories… books that make your heart beat faster!

Divergent – Veronica Roth

Insurgent – Veronica Roth

Allegiant – Vernoica Roth

A great trilogy and Divergent is much better in book form than movie.  Why do they always miss out the bits you enjoyed when they put together a film?  The books pulls you into a world unlike the one we know. It’s only when you reach Allegiant that you realise the full truth behind the five factions and what the world outside is really like.  If you enjoyed The Hunger Games you’ll also like these books which were aimed at the teenage market.

5lbs In 5 Days – The Juice Detox Diet – Jason Vale

Well it does what it says and I lost 5lbs in 5 days, all you need is a juicer and a fridge full of fruit and vegetables.

Juice Master – Jason Vale

Collection of juice and smoothie recipes.

Because She Loves Me – Mark Edwards

Jealousy, obsession and murder. Keeps you reading and looking over your shoulder.

Sound Of The Tide – Emily Bold

A broken love story which is a lovely read, you really feel for the main character Piper and share the highs and lows of her life following tragedy.

Turbo Charge Your Life In 14 Days – Jason Vale

Sensible eating and juicing together in one plan.

Everything Burns – Vincent Zandri

Pyromania in a thriller, almost my perfect book.  A very clever thriller that will keep you hooked.

What You Wish For – Mark Edwards

Thriller that turns a bit weird and enters the world of a dark cult. An okay read but not totally gripping.

The One That Got Away – Simon Wood

Again a thriller that could be a true story.  Keeps you gripped, she got away once, can she again?

The Apologist – Jay Rayner

A great story idea and well read.  Worth a read if you don’t mind saying ‘sorry.’

Spring Tide – Cilla and Rold Borjlind

This is the book I will be giving out on World Book Night UK on Thursday 23 April 2015.  I hadn’t read it yet so decided to get it on Kindle.  A thriller that keeps you reading and even I didn’t work out all the details.

The Patch: The Big Allotment Challenge – Grow Make Eat – Tessa Evelegh

We’ve got an allotment this week and the Curly One bought me this for Mother’s Day.  A great read if you have a love of gardening whether old or a new hobby.  Lots of easy to understand growing advice and some lovely recipes for your home grown ingredients and what to do with the flowers you grow too with delightful flower arrangements.

Bite – Nick Louth

I really enjoyed this thriller based around Malaria and struggled to put my kindle down right up to the end.  The idea behind this book could almost be real!

Third Voice – Cilla and Rolf Borjlind

The recently published sequel to Spring Tide.  Another well put together thriller and I can recommend both books as page turners.

RHS Simple Steps To Success – Vegetables In A Small Garden

This is a book I’ve owned for a few years and I thought it would be useful reading for the allotment. Lots of photos and easy to follow gardening ideas.

The State We’re In – Adele Parks

More of a feel good book about love across a couple of generations. Please don’t read the end in public #keepthesecret

Watch Over Me – Daniela Sacerdoti

Another feel good book, great snuggled in bed or over a coffee. A supernatural twist and will love be found?

Bad Intentions – Matt Lynn

Another good thriller based on disease and saving the world’s population… or is it? Good story that kept me reading!

Miami Requiem (Deborah Jones Crime Thriller Series Book 1) – J B Turner

Kept me holding my kindle, I didn’t want to miss what was happening.

Fatal Philosophy – A Murder Mystery – David S Alkek

A good thriller that keeps you guessing.

Lullaby Girl – Aly Sidgwick

I feel I wasted many hours of my life reading this. Did read to the end but a weird one.

Younger – Suzanne Munshower

If only a face cream could make you look younger and the intrigue that might surround it! Great story and a good read.

The Secret Of The Stones – Ernest Dempsey

The Cleric’s Vault – Ernest Dempsey

The Last Chamber – Ernest Dempsey

The Norse Detective – Ernest Dempsey

The Grecian Manifesto – Ernest Dempsey

Game Of Shadows – Ernest Dempsey

I have loved all the Sean Wyatt books by Ernest Dempsey. Am sad I’ve got to the end. Can’t wait to read more as they’re published. Great stories, and amazing attention to detail and descriptions. Highly recommend.

Silent Scream – Angela Marsons

Evil Games – Angela Marsons

These were both very clever stories, kept me gripped.

A Dark Lure – Loreth Anne White

A very clever story which kept me gripped and a little bit scared in places!

Miss Wrong and Mr Right – Robert Bryndza

What a lovely book, great characters and a nice story with the highs and lows of life. Loved the grandmother in the book, great accent!

Stay Dead – Anne Frasier




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