Crochet Bunny Brooches

These are so cute and keep multiplying in lots of different colours.

They’re perfect little crochet brooches for all ages ready for Easter.

I’m selling these in exchange for donations for my local charity ‘Pudsey Live at Home.’
Minimum donation £1 each plus £1.20 postage for up to six bunny brooches.

Go on, you know you want to.  You’d be hopping mad to miss out on these.




Please email me on stating how many you would like and what colours. I am able to make up in most colours.

Thank you for helping me to support Pudsey Live at Home.

Pudsey Live at Home is part of the Charity MHA.

From the MHA website:

Living in our own home is one way in which we maintain our independence. Yet really “living” is also about friendship and support, about being involved in our community, about getting out and about and simply enjoying ourselves. Sometimes, though, that is easier said than done.

Through local Live at Home schemes, MHA provides social contact and support for older people who wish to continue living at home without becoming isolated. We enable people to live a more fulfilled life.

We operate over 70 Live at Home schemes throughout the country. The range of services varies at each scheme, as we respond to the needs of older people in each community. Each has its own Manager and – crucially – a team of committed volunteers. Together they provide a wide range of activities:

  • One to one befriending and support
  • Information and signposting
  • Lunch clubs
  • Social activities
  • Outings and holidays

Live at Home schemes are supported by MHA’s national staff team, which ensures that standards are maintained and training delivered to volunteers. 

If you live in Pudsey and would like support or if you could offer time as a volunteer please contact the Manager on 0113 2562717 or you can email them on

Read about my experience of being a Befriender with Pudsey Live at Home.

If you have an hour or two to spare a week please think about volunteering, there are lots of opportunities in your local area, maybe with the charity you always choose to support due to a family connection, it’s an amazing experience that helps other people and is very rewarding.


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