Harrods Ice Cream Parlour, London

I keep seeing photos of friends on social media at Harrods Ice Cream Parlour at the iconic store in London.

I don’t like being jealous but where ice cream is concerned I love the stuff!  I won’t call it an addiction but it probably is one of my favourite foods.

So a trip to London was planned partly because I wanted to take the Curly One to sample one of these sundaes for ourselves!  When I say one, obviously I mean one each… oh dear then when we did arrive I also so the mention of milkshakes… yep, you’ve guessed it as I totally outfaced us both with a sundae and a milkshake each!  oops!  That won’t be a mistake I make again… next time… oh yes, there will be a next time… I will just have a sundae!  I must admit at this point that we hadn’t eaten since a sandwich on our East Coast train mid morning as we’d then gone straight to the theatre and then straight to Harrods and it was almost 7pm before we were seated for our ice cream meal!

The ice cream parlour is on the second floor which we found easily.  There was a queue but luckily we didn’t have to wait too long.

What to choose when everything is your favourite food!

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich Sundae

2014-10-04 18.59.24





























2014-10-04 18.59.32

















Coppa Cioccolata Calda Sundae

2014-10-04 18.59.14




























2014-10-04 19.00.14

















Brownie Chocolate Milkshake

2014-10-04 19.01.20




























Hot Fudge Milkshake 

2014-10-04 19.01.24




























We almost needed hoisting off the bar stools we were sat on at the counter!  It was all delicious, wonderful and so so scrummy!

Highly recommend if you want a treat in one of the most famous stores in the world!

The link to the Ice Cream Parlour information on Harrods website


87-135 Brompton Road
Telephone:   020 7730 1234
I have not been asked or paid to make this review.  All comments are my own.

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