The Smokehouse Burger Company, Newport, Isle of Wight

When planning a holiday or trip there has to be at least one dirty burger consumed by Mr C and I. We cannot just live on Afternoon Teas and Michelin stars… I could probably live on bread and cake but Mr C says that’s not good for me!

Before heading to the Isle of Wight we did a bit of google and twitter research and were pleased to hear that there was a new burger place on the Island.

On the edge of Newport is The Smokehouse Burger Company situated on Holyrood Street.

A great looking menu with just enough choice not to confuse you!
And some Specials on the board too.
Neither of us can resist Cherry Coke!
Great music in the background, quite loud but not too loud to chat and certainly made people look in as they walked past.

When the diners at the table next to you end up with grease up their arms you know you’re in for a good burger.

Soooo… our verdict… Mr C’s just said he could come back again this week!

Everything looked good on arrival, the dirty fries were very dirty and we asked for an extra plate each so we could spread out a bit and get to the bottom. Loved the old style tin plates though the cutlery felt a bit inferior in quality especially the forks when digging to the bottom of the pile of fries. The onion rings were good, not too big or too small, a perfect manageable size and served with a lush combination of alioli and bbq sauce. The slaw was tasty and just enough to share between two. So glad we only ordered one lot of fries between us. As for the burgers… not quite as dirty as the fries but tasted very good. Excellent quality and very tasty beef patty with a brioche bun, perfect cooked burgers with enough crunch on the outside to know it’s been well grilled but still verging on pink inside. Mr C had The Smokehouse and I had the Go Commando with mature cheese and we both chose to ‘pickle up!’

An yes, we ate all the fries… and they were blooming divine!


Yes my food ended up on every finger but it was well worth it.  Shame there was no wet wipe delivered with the meal as we’ve seen at some restaurants locally at home… would definitely be a huge help to think of adding in the future.  I was still licking my face on the drive back to our accommodation….. mmmmm meat and burger mustard, delish!

Mr C is still not quite persuaded on brioche buns with burgers but I loved the buttery’ness of the almost croissant like brioche bun which was pretty huge and majestic in itself! Slightly hard on the bottom from a little toasting and looked like it had been brushed with butter prior to serving to make it shine… certainly an excellent burger bun for me.

Loved the artwork and the records on the walls and the fact you could play kids games with your mates. My only downpoint is the tables, they looked great but rough edges on wood snag clothes and I snagged my scarf and dress when sitting down and again on leaving. Maybe a bit of sandpaper on the roughest edges and it won’t spoil the look!

@TheSmokehouseIW on Twitter
The SmokehouseBurgerCo on Facebook

We highly recommend if you’re on the Island!


No one asked or paid me to make this review. All comments are my own.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kerry says:

    Do they cater for people with intolerances such as dairy??

    1. me says:

      I don’t actually know but if you drop them a message on facebook I’m sure they would get back to you x

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