Gingerbread Latte Fudge Recipe

Oh my… have you met Hope and Greenwood yet and been taken back to your childhood dream of owning a Sweet Shop?

The recent BBC2 programme has had me addicted to the lovely couple’s recipes and wanting to be part of their sweetie life!

Hope & Greenwood Purveyors of splendid goods

More about the couple on their website can be found at

It’s less than a week now til my birthday and top of my birthday list was their recipe book…

Now making sweets can be very simple if only you know some good recipes… the lovely duo of Hope and Greenwood have done all the hard work for us, with a few ingredients and a bit of patience we can now make some wonderful sweeties to share or just to sit and eat by ourselves without an ounce of guilt involved.

My September 2014 Clandestine Cake Club event for Pudsey and West Leeds had a theme of Sweet Shop Heaven so I suddenly had lots of new choices of sweets for my inspiration.  Being a fudge lover the recipe for Gingerbread Latte Fudge immediately spoke to me!

Mr C was sent to the shop and came home with ingredients needed for this recipe and together we set to… good job I had an adult on hand as you will find out!

This is the link to the recipe:

The ingredients that you will need:

50g/1¾oz unsalted butter

75g/2½oz sticky ginger cake

500g/1lb 2oz caster sugar

150ml/5fl oz double cream

135ml/4½fl oz full-fat milk

1 tsp ground ginger

2 tsp ground espresso coffee

2014-09-06 10.11.31

2014-09-06 15.22.05

2014-09-06 15.22.27

2014-09-06 15.35.55

2014-09-06 16.04.58

2014-09-06 20.01.54

2014-09-06 20.02.48

My ginger bundt cake with the Gingerbread Latte Fudge on the top!

2014-09-06 18.47.06

2014-09-06 19.58.56

2014-09-06 19.59.08

Follow the instructions carefully and remember that fudge at 116 degrees is very, very hot.

If you drop any of said hot fudge on your finger immediately rinse it under a tap… DO NOT put finger covered in boiling fudge into your mouth!

That’s why I was lucky to have an adult to hand… Mr C carried on with the mixing of the gingerbread into the fudge while I stuck my burnt finger and tongue into a bag of frozen peas!

Well it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t clumsy and had an injury!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the lovely sweetie duo for their lovely series and wonderful recipes.  Look forward to seeing more recipes and books in the future!

I have not been asked or paid to make this review.  All comments are my own.


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