VIP Opening Night at The Pit in Headingley, Leeds

So it appears that Headingley is becoming ‘the’ place to eat and drink on the outskirts of Leeds.

The latest venue to open their doors is The Pit. This is part of the Arc Inspirations Group and based in the cellar of the popular Trio Bar and Restaurant.

A great location close to other bars and restaurants with everyone serving a great selection of food! The Pit is only moments away from Arc and Headingley Taps, a five minute walk from Arcadia in the Arndale Centre in one direction and in the other direction there’s the recently opened Reds True BBQ, Box Bar and old favourites The Original Oak and Skyrack.
image On arrival we were led downstairs to an area which seemed much bigger than when it was Trios Basement Cocktail Bar.

A lovely smell of smoke in the air, a smell I know usually involves meat!

We arrived early so managed to get a good look around, lots of booths big enough for quite large groups and everything nicely set out, tables not too crowded.

As in Kobe in Horsforth, another part of this chain, I did find the booths and tables set very close to the seats. I do wish that bars and restaurants would realise that we’re not all thin and for people with disabilities it’s not always possible to slide behind a table in a tight space.
image We were welcomed with a glass of fizz each and watched with eager anticipation for what the night would hold. Soon the restaurant was buzzing and full to capacity.
image A great cocktail menu and I tried a Pale Ale Passion Cooler… wow highly recommend.
image I almost ordered a Lemon Cheesecake Cocktail but after tasting the boys Pit Canary I was onto pints of this ice cold elixir! Brewed for them by Thornbridge Brewery in Derbyshire, it’s a must if you want a perfect beer.
image The promised canapes started to circulate the restaurant. Ribs and chicken wings, chicken marinated in a chilli style chutney, brisket with a dab of mayonnaise on corn bread and slider sized burgers. Wow everything tasted good… very good… the burger was sooo dirty that you couldn’t help but have the juices running down your chin. Taste sensations. I’m not usually a big fan of corn bread but the taste mixed with the brisket and mayo was fantastic.

Canapes will struggle to compare in future!

Oh my… when can I go and try the full menu? What we be on offer?

Great music on the sound system… lots of tracks from the 80’s. Lots of happy people all singing and chatting and having a great time!

So glad we’d been able to go to this VIP night and wish Arc Inspirations and The Pit success as they go from strength to strength with every new restaurant!
Due to my disability and mobility problems and having to use a walking stick I did struggle with the main staircase down to the restaurant and also the different levels with steps to and from the loos from where we were sat. There is no disabled access so you wouldn’t be able to go to The Pit if you’re in a wheelchair.

I have not been asked or paid to make this review. All comments are my own.


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