Fibromyalgia and thinking differently… 11 months after diagnosis

So I’m almost a year into my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia… my anniversary date is in August 2014. The main change in my life over the last couple of months is about not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. My plan for the future is to look at Mindfulness but for now I’m taking the idea of this and trying to live in the now… the present. Many of us rush around life without actually stopping to think, my diagnosis has made me slow down and to change the priorities in my life. I’m actually more conscious of my life and everything around me. Some things are less important, if it doesn’t affect me at that moment why waste energy on it! I don’t wear a watch anymore and I don’t fill my diary too full, I make sure that I take time for me even if it’s just an hour with my kindle or my latest crochet project. Little things are more important, being able to smile and to make others smile. To be a good person is something many of us think we’re doing, but if you actually stop and slow down and look at yourself you might realise that some of your priorities are a bit out of line. Quite often we’re rushing around after other people and not taking time for ourselves. With Fibromyalgia this usually means that I hit a wall and need to sleep for a few days to recover and that’s no good for anyone! By slowing down I’ve found that I’m still me, I can still be amazing but the priority now is that I put myself first… after all no one else will. By thinking differently I feel a better person and that means the world and my friends and family will benefit because any time I do give them is quality time. I still think we have to live every moment, but that might mean stopping and just gazing at a cloud or blowing a dandelion head rather than eating our lunch while in transit in the car because our diary is overbooked as always! Remember to have no regrets! dandelions


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