Crochet Fez Toilet Roll Cover

Sometimes you have an idea that you realise later was a stroke of genius.

Growing up in the 1970’s I have a fear of toilet roll covers, they usually involved a scary doll with a large knitted/crochet dress that covered the toilet roll.

There’s no reason why the idea can’t be updated though.  What’s toilet roll shaped?  A FEZ!

I have to admit that this idea did come to me whilst watching the Dr Who 50th Anniversary adverts in October/November 2013.

So after a couple of trial attempts I came up with the perfect pattern and voila… here is the end result.

2014-01-02 00.10.31

2014-01-03 21.22.03

2014-01-03 21.22.23

2014-01-03 21.22.53

2014-01-03 21.23.21

2014-01-03 21.23.40

2014-01-03 21.24.11

2014-01-03 21.25.37

2014-01-03 21.25.58

These are available to buy on Etsy  The perfect present for the friend who has everything or for someone who is a big Dr Who fan or if you just like a talking point when guests come over!

Please don’t copy this item because I have put time into it’s concept and design.  If you would like one please use the link above to my Etsy page.  Thank you.


One Comment Add yours

  1. stellabranch says:

    I’m tempted to learn to crochet specifically to make these. Genius!

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