Where’s The ON/OFF Switch?

I’m always being asked what Fibromyalgia is like, what are the symptoms, the causes, how it affects me. It affects people differently and just thinking about it can be exhausting.

Some of the things I struggle with are chronic fatigue, tiredness and insomnia. It’s amazing how fatigue during the day can become insomnia at night!

Everyday can be different, some are full of tiredness, other days it’s pain based, the next day might have IBS symptoms, a lot to cope with and as I said it can be exhausting!

The last week I have mainly slept, day and night. Not good at all. When I have been awake it’s not been quality time as I’ve struggled to stay awake through things on tv, couldn’t concentrate on reading and crochet just didn’t happen with me pulling out more stitches than I’d done!

I tried to explain to my gp earlier today, I said it feels like something alien is inside that has control of my ON/OFF switch. My gp said that was a good explanation.

I’ve been told to rest and hopefully I’ll feel brighter and be able to manage and pace my Fibromyalgia again before too long .


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