Sewing and Dressmaking Made Easy?

I have never had much confidence when using a sewing machine. I can almost sew straight lines and once made an odd pair of curtains with help from my mum. The one mum made was perfect, the side I made was shorter and narrower?

I got a new sewing machine for Christmas 2012 and still have my grandma’s older one and occasionally make something easy or shorten hems on dresses amd trousers.

A few weeks ago I had the idea to try and make a dress… my idea was to draw round a favourite dress I already have and make a pattern and then try and make it.

In the end I bought a pattern and some material. I didn’t quite understand the pattern and then changed how it looked anyway, cutting an extra piece and reducing the size of the armhole. I actually unpicked the whole bodice part and started again.

Sewing the dress felt quite easy and the fabric just seemed to fall into place despite being told I’d probably struggle with stretch jersey fabric.
I then made an Owl Cushion that I’d bought a kit for and cut out the pieces to make a second cushion.
I then bought some more fabric. This time I did make a pattern from a top I had that I liked. It was a longline tunic top.
Next I found a cute elephant pattern and made one for my friend.

I made another tunic top using the same pattern as my heart top.
One friend commented that sparks must be flying from my sewing machine. Not quite but I was really enjoying making clothes for me.

I’d bought some silky material for £1 a metre and thought I’d try make a pattern from a lightweight kimomo jacket that I already had. Again it just seemed to sew itself. I was really giddy about this jacket.

The jacket I copied.
My finished jacket.
Just loving this new hobby, it’s something I can do at my own pace when I’m feeling okay.

Next to be made was a navy and white spot dress based on the tunic top just longer.
A shorter top.
Then a skater dress. I finally drew round the dress that was my original inspiration. (The black dress I’m wearing with the jacket I made… above).
(The angle of the photo makes the hem look wonky but it’s all straight when you’re close up!)

The fabric in this skirt goes on forever!

Next a little Scottie Dog that I found on pinterest, he’s now a pin cushion which Mr C found rather distressing!
If you want to try make something don’t be put off. Sometimes proper patterns are confusing, if so try make your own. Anything is possible if you put a little bit of effort in as I’ve proved!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. stellabranch says:

    You are on a roll! I’ve got my machine out recently, but have 3 half finished projects. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    1. humbugshouse says:

      It became addictive 🙂
      Loved the fact I could make things I could wear.
      So much easier than going shopping!
      I’ve been back on crochet this weekend.
      Happy sewing.

      1. stellabranch says:

        I’m currently knitting after finishing an embroidery project! Need to cut a dress out next.

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