Access To Work – Travel to Work

When you first get diagnosed with something that’s a physical or mental health disability, your world falls apart.

There is help out there you just have to look and see what you’re entitled to. I can’t always drive which left the question how do I get to work?

We live in an age where answers are just a search engine away. Access to Work – Travel to Work has been a huge help to me.

It means I can ring a taxi on the days I’m struggling with pain and/or having to take meds I can’t drive on.

I pay for the taxi, get them to give me a receipt and then I claim a proportion of that journey back through Access to Work.

If you have a disability that affects you getting to work or even doing your job give them a call and see if they can help.

They’ll help you fill the form in over the phone and then you’ll just need your GP to fill in a form later in the appplication process.

Help is out there you just need to ask.




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