Tomato and Chilli Bean Soup

Anyone who knows me will probably know I don’t really like soup unless it’s Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup. I’m not a big fan of runny food in general unless it’s custard or single cream! 
Mr C on the other hand loves soup, he likes it for lunch on a weekend.
Anyway people keep telling me about soup they make, I stayed with my friend in Lincoln the other weekend and she made soup as we chatted… another friend sells soup for a living (Jo of Thistlemist Farm @thistlemistfarm on Twitter)… I really feel I’m missing out on something! 
So after talking with my friend Kim about two soups she makes I knew I had to give in and just make some soup. One of the soups Kim mentioned was tomato and chilli bean… all ingredients I like.


So Saturday lunch time I chopped an onion and softened it in a pan with some chilli oil.
To this I added some easy hot chilli, easy garlic and easy ginger… well it’s in the fridge and easy to use.
I then added a tin of drained kidney beans and a tin of sweet cherry tomatoes.
To this I added six chopped vine ripened tomatoes and brought this to the boil.
I’d used a large saute pan and was running out of space so at this point I used my Kenwood Liquidiser to make this a more soup like texture.
Pouring my soup ingredients back into a larger pan with some vegetable stock and boiling water and bringing to the boil.
I then added salt, pepper and chilli powder to taste.
Mr C was brought in for tasting and a tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce made this perfect and ready for Saturday lunch.
So just to be awkward I drink my soup from a cup and Mr C uses a dish and spoon!
A simple quick tasty lunch full of goodness and very tasty too.









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  1. Lorna says:

    Lovely recipe – I would just miss out the Lea and Perins and make it vegatarian. A nice bowl of hot soup with some homemade bread yummy – it is the oposite in our house I love soup and my darlilng hubby thinks it is a waste of time.

    1. humbugshouse says:

      It just needed a bit more zing hence the Lea and Perrins at the end.
      Soup and a roll always sounded an awful idea but I’m sort of coming round to the idea a little bit! 🙂

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