Clandestine Cake Club and My Wellbeing

Clandestine Cake Club and My Wellbeing

For me this was another lovely afternoon filled with cake and friends old and new as well as Mr C and my mum.  Life’s not been easy over the last 18 months due to my health, first gallstones which meant surgery and then I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in August 2013.

Working full time, running a house, doing charity work and running a CCC group takes a lot out of me but it’s also what keeps me ‘ME!’

So I now find that every day is a battle, just getting up, dressed and out of the door for work can use far too much energy, energy that I don’t have.  The best thing in life really is cake club, the friends I have made have kept me going through good times and bad over the last two years. I still love organising events and have met some lovely people who run and own local venues, people who love being part of their local community and enjoy being part of the CCC world.

So what does cake club mean to me?  It’s brilliant, it’s a way to meet friends old and new over a cup of tea and a slice or two or three of cake. It’s also a lovely way to meet up with my family as it’s always nice to gossip over cake.  Clandestine Cake Club has helped me with my wellbeing in life!

Many of the people I talk to at cake club have suffered loss or mental health and lost contact with many of their old friends, as we get older we find it harder to meet people and cake club is a way to do something you enjoy, bake a cake then go along to an event and meet new people, then talk cake and eat cake.  It helps to give me and my members a sense of belonging and being part of something good.  A fellow CCC member taught me how to crochet over a cup of coffee and slice of cake or two and that’s now my other hobby which I love.  I also started writing this blog which I love, writing about cakes, CCC, crochet, eating out and now my health and

Living in Leeds I’m very lucky to know Lynn Hill personally and I thank her frequently for cake club and for letting me be part of it, it really does mean the world to me. It’s helped me to find me and gives me the perfect reason to do things I enjoy, organising events, eating cakes and talking! It gives me purpose in life, helps to keep me sane and helps to take my mind off my disability.  I’ve never done cake club by myself, it’s always involved my husband and son, from thinking of event themes, to what cake to bake to setting up a room when we get to a venue, it’s teamwork and I love that!

I always remember watching ‘Why Don’t You…’ on tv when I was little… the theme tune said ‘why don’t you go switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead’… I think I took that to heart and have always looked for things to do that make me and other people smile!

Clandestine Cake Club on the telly again!

So Clandestine Cake Club was on the telly again last week… this time on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV programme. On Thursday 13 February 2014 a short film was shown about Clandestine Cake Club on the Lorraine Show, this had been filmed at Le Chalet in Leeds on Sunday 2 February 2014 at an event arranged by my friend Duanne.

The lovely Lynn Hill who invented Clandestine Cake Club was there on the day and you can see us all on the clip that’s now on itvplayer using this link

Lynn had spoken to the researchers for the show about me prior to the event, saying how well I do coping with everything in life especially now I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and how I still manage to organise regular CCC events and that I believe cake helps my wellbeing.  So on the day of the filming I was interviewed and I actually announce to the world that I have Fibromyalgia in the clip they showed on the tv!  Bit scary thinking it’s out there for all to know about but good that I got to mention Fibromyalgia and I’m proof that you can have a scary diagnosis and still enjoy life as long as you know your limits, have happy things to enjoy and look forward to and most importantly don’t try to overdo things!


2014-02-02 16.45.08

Me and Mr C at the event (above) and Lynn Hill (below).  A lovely afternoon at French restaurant Le Chalet in Leeds.

2014-02-02 16.23.30


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  1. Gemma says:


    I get a lot out of CCC too as a co-organiser of the Croydon one. I moved to the area not too long before I joined CCC and it has made my baking so much more interesting! I have now started up a baking website as I want to give back to CCC and the baking world.

    There are lots of things that I notice you have written here and they ring true for me too, however I work full-time but don’t have have family, just me and my two lovely cats.

    If your interested my website is



    1. humbugshouse says:

      I think giving back is a big thing… people are too quick to take in life and never think about sharing and helping others. Happy baking!

  2. Dolly Bakes says:

    Such an honest an open piece of writing. I’m sure CCC holds a special place in all its members’ hearts for very different reasons, but we all agree that out lives are enriched because of it. It’s amazing what a few slices if cake can do… X

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