Clandestine Cake Club Event – ‘I LOVE…’ February 2014

Our first cake club of 2014 in Pudsey and West Leeds was held on Sunday 16 February at our house.

A lovely excuse to get out my lovely china trios… cups, saucers and side plates and proper cake forks.

You can’t beat afternoon tea with lovely people.

The pots of tea were flowing with Yorkshire Gold, the cakes were delicious and the talk of cake was non stop making this a lovely afternoon indeed!

The cakes that attended were:

Would you like my last Rolo? Bundt


Monkey Nuts Coffee Cake


Red Velvet Cake with Freeze Dried Strawberries


Tiramisu Cake


Coca Cola Cake


Lemon and Almond Cake


Apple and Almond Loaf


Gingerbread Man Bundt (Known forever more as ‘Ed’ Sheeran)


Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake


Lots of photos from the afternoon.

Not much of Ed the Gingerbread Bundt left at the end of the afternoon.

2014-02-16 14.46.42

All that was left after everyone had gone home.

2014-02-16 17.44.42-1

The rules of Clandestine Cake Club…

(Any good club has to have rules!)

No Cupcakes, Muffins, Brownie, Pies or Tarts.

It’s All About The Cake!

Bake Cake, Eat Cake, Talk Cake…

You Get To Take Cake Home!

Don’t miss out on events, make sure you’re registered at

then join the Pudsey & West Leeds Group.

The recipe for my ‘Would you like my last Rolo?’ Bundt 


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