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2014-02-07 06.37.06I love twitter, it’s somewhere you can network and find amazing people; not just people to talk to online with in short sentences that include @ and #, but people you can meet in real life who can sometimes make a difference to your life!

One such person is Kim Holmes of Yorkshire Body Clinic.

We became friends online via twitter and then met for coffee.  Kim introduced me to Bowen Therapy which was something that I’d never heard of before.  She was so passionate about Bowen and I was so interested that I invited her to come along and talk to Sassy Divas ladies group in Leeds in early 2013. With her love of chatting and her passion for Bowen we all agreed she was a perfect speaker for community groups.  She did some hands on Bowen movements and we were all mesmerised by how tiny and gentle some of these moves were.  Could it really help?  We hear about many holistic therapies but I’m wary about what I believe in, I need to see or feel proof!  Kim did a couple of small moves on me on my side where I was still having painful spasms despite having had my gallbladder surgery in January 2013.  Weird feelings and a sort of comfy warmth washed over me but I was still the sceptic.

A couple of the ladies from Sassy Divas had treatments with Kim and I heard very positive comments and how they’d really been helped with their individual health problems.

Photo of me and Kim at the Sassy Divas meeting.

kim and sharon

My pains continued and my Surgeon’s team felt that I’d had too much bed rest following my gallbladder surgery, so starting to exercise and swim regularly should have helped but it didn’t, it made me ache and hurt more.  Then my GP diagnosed muscularskeletal pain and again said just living a healthy balance life and taking pain medication would help.  I wasn’t willing to settle for that so a phone call with Kim and we arranged my first Bowen treatment.

Before any treatment could start Kim took a very detailed history of my health and wellbeing.  Going through everything from birth to present.  Her pages of notes grew.  She explained that sometimes a small thing could actually be the link to something more serious in later life.  Following the mention of musculatskeletal pain by my GP I told Kim that I’d done lots of research and that I now thought I had Fibromyalgia and my GP was taking lots of blood to try and help prove what was causing all my pain plus I now had reduced mobility.

My treatment then started, beginning with me being laid on my front.  This was one of the most intriguing treatments I have ever had.  Such small delicate movements in specific places on my body. The movements on my back felt wonderful, it was as if these tiny movements were opening a lock.  I could imagine something in a Harry Potter movie, a lock with many, many layers to it just opening slowly under Kim’s hands.

The other very weird part of Bowen Therapy is that Kim does a few movements at a time then leaves the room for a few minutes, then comes back and does new movements on other areas and then leaves the room, again and again this happens.  Part way through the treatment I turned and laid on my back.  Bowen technique was done from my head to my toes and then Kim helped to roll me back up into a seated position and gave me a glass of water.

How did I feel? Relaxed, I definitely feel relaxed which is something that I struggle to do usually.  I still didn’t know how I would react to this Bowen treatment, what changes would it make, and most importantly would it help?

I drank more water when I got home and then went to bed and slept. Sleep is something that I was really struggling with at the time and to sleep right through that night was amazing!   I didn’t really expect to notice any huge changes but there were, I still couldn’t walk a long way but I felt more relaxed when walking, less discomfort.  My pain which I was now putting down to muscle spasms were still happening but not as frequently and I was still sleeping better.  After a couple of weeks I felt the effects wearing off to some extent but my next appointment was booked in.  Similar results again and this time it didn’t feel like it had worn off prior to my next appointment with Kim.

Amazing how such small delicate movements could make a difference but they really did.  I had three treatments over a couple of months and was very impressed with the results, this was a way that I could manage my pain along with pain medication and pacing myself. I had by now been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my GP and this was never going to cure me but if it could help me manage my physical and mental health and wellbeing this meant a lot and gave me hope for my future.

I had a break in my treatment due to problems I had with a steroid injection prescribed by my Rheumatologist.  This caused me a lot of pain and discomfort and I felt I needed this out of my body before I had any other Bowen treatments.

I returned to Bowen in January 2014 and can once again say that this is something that needs to be in my life to help me work with my Fibromyalgia.  I can’t explain what the treatment does or how it works, but it does work and that’s the main thing I need to know.

Bowen is safe and can be used on anyone, even small babies.  It’s a way to restore balance to the body.  The Bowen therapy Professional Association have lots of information on their website as does Kim Holmes on her website

From the leaflet by the BTPA:

What is Bowen?

Bowen Therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive hands-on remedial therapy which can be administered through light clothing, with a client sitting, standing or lying. It has a remarkable record of success with clients affected by an astonishingly wide range of problems… often when nothing else has helped. It helps the body’s systems rebalance and promotes healing. Bowen is suitable for men, women and children of all ages.

Symptoms with have been reported to respond to the Bowen Technique:

headache, ear problems, hay fever,jaw problems, neck pain/whiplash, shoulder problems, breast problems, bronchila/respiratory problems, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, RSI, digestive problems, back pain, infant colic, pregnancy and fertility problems, menstrual problems, sciatica, pelvic pain, groin strain, hamsring problems, knee problems, ankle and foot problems, joint problems, muscular problems and fatigue.  Testimonials of these symptoms can be found on their website.

2014-02-07 06.36.50

2014-02-07 06.38.20

2014-02-07 06.39.03

I have also had other holistic treatments to help with my Fibromyalgia:  Langellotti Tri-Therapy from Sophia Kupse in Idle, West Yorkshire.  EFT, pain and relaxation Hypnotherapy from Sue Oddy in Pudsey.  These are three amazing women involved in my life who can help and make a difference.  If you’re unsure talk to people who’ve had the treatments, talk to your GP too, it’s amazing what they believe in too… it’s not all about writing a prescription to make you well physically and mentally!

Always make sure that your Bowen Therapist is registered with BTPA. A register of their members can be found at

Kim Holmes as Yorkshire Body Clinic does Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage.

Kim Holmes   MBTPA, MFHT, CNHC Registered

Mobile 07850 268 762

@yorksbodyclinic on Twitter

Clinics in Leeds, Bradford, Ilkley and Wetherby.

2014-02-07 06.36.28

2014-02-07 06.37.06

2014-02-07 06.37.26

I have not been asked or paid to write this article.  All comments are my own.

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