Stripey Crochet Bag with Flowers


I’ve always wanted to be able to crochet and now 18 months after finally learning I am still very in love with this craft.  It still amazes me that you can use a hook and a piece of wool or yarn and make something.  Once you’ve mastered the basic stitches and taken a degree in rocket science to read a pattern and understand the abbreviations, you’ll find that the world of wool is a very addictive place indeed.

So what to make next?  I’ve just finished a blanket for my mum and know I’ll soon need to start thinking of birthdays throughout the year but for now I thought I needed to make something else for me.

I love my bags, I have a collection of Radley bags in all shapes and sizes, Cath Kidston has helped to fuel my train addiction with bags and purses covered in trains (#traingirl) and one of the loves of my life is my gorgeous LV bucket bag, I also have two gorgeous crochet bags that I’ve made, but I wanted something more organic, something that would hold all my junk whilst still looking good.



Fat bottomed bag from The Happy Hooker, another lovely and quite easy bag as long as you can count!

Granny square bag inspired by Nicki Trench’s Cute and Easy Crochet.  I put an extra row of granny squares on each side to make this bag bigger and more useful for everything I carry around!

I looked online and saw a few I liked and then I was on Attic 24, a blog you’ll hear mentioned by many crochet addicts and I thought Lucy’s stripey bag looked good, once a plan has formed it’s very hard for me to talk myself out of it!

So going through my wool to find my favourite colours this is the collection I ended up with sat next to me on the sofa.

2014-01-27 22.13.21


Hmmmm… choosing colours can be the hardest job sometimes especially when you’re using wool you already have.  Buying new wool can be dangerous and may need a government health warning when you see some of the prices.  But wool doesn’t have to cost the earth, and a lot of markets have amazing wool stalls and lots of £1 shops and discount shops sell balls of wool so it doesn’t need to break the bank to make something nice for yourself or someone else.

So once I’d ummed and ahhed the project began…

2014-01-27 22.56.08

2014-01-28 09.54.36

2014-01-28 19.18.37


It’s amazing how quickly something can grow.  If you are ‘hooked’ onto a project do make sure you get up and walk around and have a drive at least once an hour!

2014-01-31 23.25.15


Tidying up at the end of the project!

Ta dar!  The finished bag.  I followed the Attic 24 pattern until the last three rows of treble crochet.  At this point I started decreasing each row by 8 stitches.  First on the side, then in the middle, then from the side again.  I then did two rows of double crochet before putting a finishing scallop to the top edge.

2014-01-31 23.34.12

2014-01-31 23.35.12

The handles were 117 stitches long to ensure the right length for me.

The flowers were lovely and easy to make and definitely help to finish off this bag.  I’m really chuffed and it’s not taken too long to make before I have something gorgeous, individual and useful!

So what are you waiting for?  Get crocheting!

2014-01-31 23.35.41

2014-01-31 23.32.30

2014-01-31 23.28.49

2014-01-31 23.28.22

2014-01-31 23.28.04

2014-01-31 23.27.22

The bag and flowers were made using a 4mm hook.

To help beginners to the world of crochet please see my granny square tutorial, step by step help that will start you on the road to making some lovely items

My quick reference UK to USA Crochet Chart is a huge help when trying to do American patterns then suddenly realising that a single crochet doesn’t actually exist in the UK!

I don’t promise to know all the answers but if you’re stuck or just want some help give me a shout!

The link to the Attic 24 crochet bag pattern  and the link to the flowers on the bag


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Your new bag is gorgeous, I am very new to crochet and a bag is in my to do list. I agree that yarn shopping should come with a health warning. Something like “beware buying yarn will give you a buzz, followed by a warm fuzzy feeling!”

    1. humbugshouse says:

      Buying online can be safer… the whole feel factor in a shop can mean you make impulsive decisions. Baa ram ewe in Leeds doesn’t mind you feeling and squeezing their yarn and it’s very addictive! Happy crocheting. It takes practice and perseverance… and is so worth it! 🙂

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