Simple Tasks Made Hard With Fibromyalgia


We all do simple kitchen tasks without thinking about them too much.

In the last few months I’ve found it isn’t easy to peel and chop a potato or slice an onion. Jobs I did without even thinking about now cause hand spasms during and after as well as chronic pain hours later.



Amazing how quickly my life has changed due to one word… fibromyalgia.

My love has always been baking… it’s how I relax… but it’s something I can’t do now without someone else weighing out all my ingredients and helping with lifting cakes in and out of the oven.

Even drinking a cup of coffee can cause problems especially when your hand spasms and won’t leave go of the cup!

Don’t take life and simple tasks for granted as none of us know what tomorrow will bring.


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    Life’s too short, value you what you have before it’s too late

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