Holiday Inn, Newcastle Upon Tyne (Seaton Burn)

holiday inn





Holiday Inn, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Seaton Burn, NE13 6BP

We often stay at Holiday Inn Express hotels around the country, we find them the best of the reasonably priced hotels, especially as they now all include breakfast.

While planning our recent trip to Scotland for September 2013, I decided to book a night at this hotel for on our way back home to Yorkshire.  We thought it would be a more comfortable and luxurious night to a HI express or similar.  We’d stayed at a very comfortable thought basic Premier Inn by the Metro Centre in Gateshead on our journey north.  We chose to stay on the outskirts of Newcastle due to the hen and stag night scene in central Newcastle, it’s not a nice place to stay centrally  on a weekend night.

On arrival at the hotel we were met by a very tired looking two storey building, obviously built in the 60’s or 70’s.  We’re not quick to judge by the exterior and were much more impressed by the bright and modern reception and bar area near the entrance.

We were allocated room 168, the receptionist advised it was along the corridor, up the stairs… I stopped her there and asked if there was a lift, explaining that I had problems with my mobility which was why I needed my walking stick.  She said that there was no lift.  She instantly moved us to room 57 and told us it was just down the corridor to the left.  She explained it wasn’t the same as the room we’d booked but didn’t say anything else.

So due to my disability we had to have a different room to that booked.

On arrival at our room we saw that there was just one double bed and a single chair, we had booked a room with a double bed and a sofa.  So not as much room to try and sit and get comfy during the evening, meaning that I had to sit on the bed which then caused problems in my hips and legs causing extra pains and discomfort during the night.

Outside room 57 at the back of the hotel it appeared to be where groups of people congregated to have a cigarette or two and loud conversations.  There was also a stag group outside for a good half an hour whilst waiting for their transport to the pub.  They were so loud that it sounded like they were stood up to our window on the outside.  It was also a corridor that people seemed to run up and down and that created a loud noise and was very echoey whilst sat in our room.

The room itself was plain an neutral.  The fake walnut bedroom furniture was a reminder of an era long ago.  Very low level lighting which makes reading an almost impossibility unless you have a kindle.  There was an air conditioning unit but it made more noise that the airplanes landing at the nearby airport.

The bathroom hadn’t been touched over the years.  Green tiles and a fake marble sink really do not suit the current period!  The fan in the bathroom was very noisy, lasting over an hour after turning the bathroom light off.  This noise was enough to disturb Mr C’s sleep.

The towels and toilet roll were both rather too rough and certainly not of a level expected from a Holiday Inn.

This hotel was a disappointment in many ways and not a Holiday Inn that we will stay at again.

On checking out, I handed the key over and said can we check out of room 57.  The receptionist took the key and said bye.

So the reason I’ve written this review is mainly because she didn’t actually ask me how my stay was.  She wasn’t bothered about me as a guest and to me that is not the correct level of customer service for a Holiday Inn hotel.

I would struggle to put the rooms as a three star level.  What good is a four star reception and bar area when your rooms, beds, decor and service do not match up?

So as you didn’t ask… no… I did not have a good stay, as per the reasons above!

These comments are my own!


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