Homemade Pulled Beef

Meat, especially pulled meat, it’s what everyone is talking about… what everyone is wanting to eat.

It’s appearing on menus all over and after eating a particularly lovely pulled pork sandwich at Sebby’s Deli in Far Headingley, Leeds, I thought why can’t I make this myself.

So after a lot of googling I came across a Simon Rimmer recipe for pulled beef using a piece of brisket.

Off to Tomlinsons Farm Shop I sent Mr C, he spoke to the lovely John from Bentley’s Butchers and came home with 1.5kg of brisket.

Being a rather large piece of meat I got Mr C to brown this for me in a large saute pan.  Whilst he did this I put the following into our slow cooker and turned it on at full power:

1/3 bottle of sainsburys barbeque sauce

1/3 bottle of HP barbeque sauce

300ml jar of passata

1 tbsp of demerara sugar

200ml vegetable stock

We then added the meat to our slow cooker, put the lid on and went to work.

The Curly One was at home during the day so he lovingly kept looking at the slow cooker and texting me to say how divine the smell was that was spreading through the whole house.

On arrival at home the Curly One and I decided that after 9 hours the beef was ready.  We removed it from the slow cooker and then two forks were needed for the next stage and we started shredding the meat.  We poured a couple of ladles of the leftover sauce onto the meat to keep it moist.

I can’t really fully explain how amazing this meat was without the help of smell and taste, but believe me it was amazing.  Stuffed into a pitta bread with some home made coleslaw and courgette crisps, a perfect Friday teatime meal after a long and busy week.

2013-08-02 19.02.29


2013-08-02 19.02.36

This recipe was my inspiration.



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  1. Ian Feber says:

    It’s only 6.30am… I should be thinking about fruit and orange juice… yet I’m drooling over this! Looks fantastic.

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